Red Door Spa Review: Hydra-quench Remineralizing Body Wrap


I’m a lucky girl.  Recently my husband gave me a gift certificate to Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa.  I was so excited for some pampering.  It took me DAYS to figure out what services to get done.  I decided on a body wrap because I have never had one before and it scared me a little.  I also had a warm cream pedicure which was AMAZING.

The body wrap I chose was the hydra-quench remineralizing body wrap.  It is a body wrap that promises to restore natural balance and to hydrate.  You can read more about it here.  I loved it and was very happy that my esthetician talked me through the process because I really knew very little about the body wrap process.  Let me enlighten y’all on my experience…

  • When I arrived, I was escorted to the locker room and given a fluffy robe and sandals to wear.  They provide lockers to lock your stuff in.  In case you aren’t aware, you are completely naked underneath the robe.
  • After I was in my robe and sandals I went to the relaxation room.  This room was so peaceful.  They have cappuccino, lemon water, cucumber water, and coffee.  I chose the lemon water, grabbed some magazines, and found a comfy spot on the couch surrounded by pillows to relax.  The atmosphere is tranquil and the lights are dim.  There is also biscotti to nibble on.  Waiting for your spa treatment is a small get away.
  • When I was called back my esthetician lead me to my room.  She explained that I would need to put on a paper-thong and shower cap for my service, as well as, take off my robe and lay face up on the table with a blanket over me.  She left for several minutes to let me get situated.
  • The process started by an exfoliation with little tiny micro beads.  They were rubbed all over my body and then wiped off.  While the exfoliation occurs you lay listening to relaxing music and enjoying the warm room.  After the exfoliation, a mask is applied with a massage.  The mask smelled so good.  It had a floral, sweet scent.  Roses meets hydrangeas, with honeysuckle.  If they sold it in a bottle I would definitely buy it.  It was so refreshing.  As the mask is applied, they wrap your body in what feels like plastic wrap, with an outer layer of a solar blanket.  It is comfortable but confined.  It kinda make me feel like I was in a cocoon.  It was really cozy.  I took a little nap while I let all the goodness from the wrap sink in.
  • After the wrap stage, the esthetician will unwrap you and have you take a quick shower.  They supplied lots of towels and new sandals.  They didn’t supply another paper thong so I took it off before the shower and put it back on when I got out.
  • From the shower you get back on the table and get the last finishing touches of the wrap.  The whole process takes about an hour.  I highly recommend it at least once.  My skin felt amazing afterwards and looked great for my trip to Miami a week later.

That pretty much sums up my body wrap experience.  I will definitely get another one at some point.  Probably when my skin is in need for some desperate TLC.  Next time I go I think I will pamper my face.  There is no doubt I’m starting to getting older.  Experiencing the first signs of wrinkles is scary!  What are some of y’alls favorite spa treatments?