Coping with morning sickness

Morning sickness SUCKS!  And it may last for well over the first trimester.  I had it terrible with my first pregnancy and even worse with the second one.  I blame her being a girl to the added sickness.  I never had to be hospitalized but I threw up on myself driving, commuting on the bus, it the Houston tunnel in from of lots of strangers, and so many more places.  I won’t promise you a cure but here are some ways to cope and be prepared for when you lose your lunch.

  1. Keep a plastic bag with you AT ALL TIMES and in quick reach.
  2. Keep hard candies on you at all times.  I found that if my mouth was too dry or if I had too much saliva it made me more sick.
  3. Invest in QueaseEase and take it with you EVERYWHERE.  It seriously helps with the nausea brought on by odors.  I could not go anywhere without it.
  4. Keep a spare change of clothes with you.  You don’t want to pick up your kid from daycare with vomit all over you. This is when I realized I needed to have bags with me at all times and close to me.  See #1.
  5. Eat in smaller portions and limit spicy foods.
  6. Never let your stomach be empty (if you can help it).
  7. Pray.  Pray.  Pray.
  8. Remind yourself of the sweet reward you will have at the end of your pregnancy.
  9. Let people help you.  I had a very kind co-worker who knew when I very desperately needed a glass of water and I let her get it for me.
  10. If you are having a really bad day, DO NOT try to power through (if you can call in sick), this prevented the number of times I threw up on my morning commute.
  11. Since morning sickness is usually bad in the mornings talk to your work if you can come in later.  I came in 30 minutes later than my normal schedule while pregnant.  This seriously made a HUGE difference.
  12. Morning showers made me get sick almost daily so I tried to take night showers but I pretty much passed out at night as soon as my husband and toddler would let me.  If I limited my showers time it seemed to be a little better as I didn’t get as hot.

That’s really all I got.  Good luck mamas!  I know it can be HELL.

First Baby Pregnancy Timeline

So lately I’ve had babies on the brain.  My husband and I are almost ready to dive in and try for a second baby.  That got me thinking about being pregnant again and made me nostalgic.  Growing a baby is beautiful, crazy, wonderful, and at times miserable.  I am so glad I got to experience it.  So much so, I think I’m ready to do it again.  Here is my first baby pregnancy timeline:


6 weeks:

I discovered I was pregnant.  I took a pregnancy test and it was positive.  That same week I also had a blood test done, to confirm it.  There is actually a funny story behind the picture above.  The first 2 test are mine and the last one is my husbands.  He was my control, it’s just the scientist in me to make sure the tests were working correctly.  P.S.  if you need a pregnancy test you can get them from the dollar store.  The above pregnancy tests came from dollar tree.  Much cheaper, just saying.


10 weeks:

Morning sickness starts.  1st ultrasound/check-up.  I got to hear the babies heartbeat.  It was pretty cool.  This is when I got the first ultrasound picture that looked like a bean.  I was already so proud and in love.  Landon was about 1.5 inches long.


14 weeks:

2nd ultrasound/check-up and beginning of 2nd trimester.  This ultrasound Landon looked like a real baby.  My husband and I cried so many tears of happiness watching him move around in my belly.  At this point I had gained ~3 pounds.

15 weeks:

 I had a tiny bump.  It wasn’t noticeable to anyone else but I could see it.


17 weeks:

 I bought my first maternity clothes.  They were a little big but my normal clothes were starting to be a little uncomfortable.

18 weeks:

Morning sickness FINALLY went away!


19 weeks:

Check-up time.  I was definitely showing and had gained 7 pounds.


20-21 weeks:

Half-way point.  Gender Ultrasound.  We almost didn’t get to find out his sex because he didn’t want to expose his ‘area’.  We were so excited when we left the ultrasound.  We bought him his first toy, a stuffed alligator.

22 weeks:

We had his name picked out and his nursery painted.  I started nesting pretty much as soon as we knew he was a boy.  This week we also made our registry, it took all day.


23 weeks:

Another check-up.

26 weeks:

Surprise baby shower at work.


28 weeks:

Beginning of 3rd trimester.

31 weeks:

Another check-up.  I had gained 24 pounds.


32 weeks:

Baby shower #1

33 weeks:

Another check-up.  This week I discovered I was lactating.  That freaked me out quite a bit.  My husband and I also took a 10 hour birthing class that week.  It was fairly intense but got us somewhat prepared for the big day.


35 weeks:

Baby shower #2.  Another check-up.  I had gained 29 pounds.

36 weeks:

Got my TDap vaccine.  I was determined to keep whooping-cough away.  I also made sure anyone that would be around the baby also had the vaccine.


37 weeks:

Another check-up.  This week my hands started to swell.  This was the week I started to become really anxious.

38 weeks:

Another check-up.  I had gained 31 pounds.


39 weeks:

Landon came this week.  Sadly, my labor was 37 hours.  Landon did not read the exit manual and tried to come out face first instead of head first.  Don’t worry though, it’s incredibly rare (less than 2% of births).

For information on what to buy preparing for baby, click here.

The second baby talk


So a week ago my husband very sweetly and very seriously looked up at me and said, “I want to have another baby.” This was not surprising but still made me stop and be like-WHOAAA, am I ready for that? The truth is I have no idea. There are moments I think that I could have three little ones running around (crazy, right?). Then other moments I ask myself, “What have I gotten myself into?”  These moods usually correlate to how adorable Landon is being.

Sick/crying Landon= omg what was I thinking?

Cute/melt my heart Landon= aww how could I only have one baby?

Because I’m so on the fence about this and it’s a HUGE decision to bring a life into this world, I am considering a few things:

Do we make enough money to support a second child?

Can we pay for daycare for two kids or would I quit my job?

Is our house big enough for another person?

Is my body ready for all that again?

I still not sure what I want to do.  I think more than anything I’m scared of the morning sickness, heart burn, and feeling like a whale.  The pregnancy and first three months afterwards are the scary parts for me.  But if you take away that part (which is only a year, if you look at the big picture) I have no reason to not have another baby.  I will never forget how much I gained when I had my baby.  My life finally had a purpose.  The things that truly mattered became crystal clear.  I never knew my heart could hold so much love in it.  I remember being in awe that we created a little person.  Honestly, I am still amazed.  Every time my son learns something new it blows my mind.  He has now learned to climb on top of the coffee table and knows when we grab his shoes it’s time for a walk.

I want him to have at least one sibling.  I grew up with a brother and sister and they mean so much to me.  My childhood would not have been the same without them.  I know what side of the fence I’m leaning on, but am I brave enough to go through that crazy ride all over again?  There is a chance I might just be.

Anyone else on the fence?