the power of words

The past 2 weeks have been crazy. I just started a new job and getting into the swing of things has been challenging. I had been temporarily at home, and I was loving the stay-at-home-mom life. I must say this stage of walking and babbling, exploring new things, learning how to crawl up the stairs, and place shapes into the correct holes…has been TOTALLY AWESOME! I hated going back to work. Plus, my allergies decided to go haywire so I have an ear and sinus infection. Needless to say, I have been needing some motivation. Enter the power of words.

When I’m down I’ll look up inspiration quotes or read a book. This always seems to lifts my spirits and put things in perspective. Three things seemed to jump out at me, during this search for inspiration and motivation:


“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”  

This really is was what I needed to find. Starting a new job can be exciting, but it also kind of sucks. You are new to everything, again. It may be a new role, new location, or just a new company, but no matter what there is always something to learn. For me, it’s a love/hate kind of thing.  I am happy to be learning something new, I also love the mission that my co-workers and I are trying to accomplish.


Something else that spoke to me was the quote by Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  To be happy, it is all about what makes YOU happy.  It should not have anything to do with other people.  Little things make me happy, the sunshine streaming through the windows when I wake up, rain beating on the roof when I go to sleep, watching my son play and flash a smile when he sees me, cooking a new recipe and loving it, gossip magazines, a  good book, spending time with people I love and who love me….  People go wrong, when they start comparing themselves to each other.  They may love their car but when they compare it to their neighbors new flashy BMW, they may feel like it’s not up to par.  Or they may love their body and feel good in their own skin, and then read Vogue and feel like a hippopotamus compared to the fashion models.  Comparison robs people of their happiness and Theodore Roosevelt realized that so long ago.  Be happy with what YOU have.  It is what makes you, YOU.  Special.  Unique.  Awesome.


“Do more of what makes you awesome”

This to me translates to “Do what you LOVE.”   When I think about people who are awesome, it’s because they are passionate about something and they share that with whomever they meet.  Awesome people inspire others.  They may inspire people to be a better mother/father, husband/wife, chef, gift-giver, co-worker, etc.  Find what makes you awesome and do more of it.  What makes you light up?  What do you spend time dreaming about or talking about to your friends?  For me its being a mom, crafting, and finding ways to be creative.
This is what I am striving to do.  Live a life, doing the things that make me awesome.  I do not want to just have a routine and go through the motions of everyday life (eat, work, sleep).  I want to make sure I really am making each day special.

Simple ways I am making the most of the typical work day:

  • Going to a new restaurant for lunch
  • Talking to a co-worker I have never spoke to before (maybe we have a similar interest)
  • Eating outside, inside of in front of the TV (you know you are guilty of this)
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood
  • Walk to get ice cream or frozen yogurt on a nice evening
  • Call an old friend to catch up
  • Have an unplugged evening (DVR your shows, put the cell phones away, read a book, play with the baby, truly enjoy each others company-WITHOUT the distractions)

These are just a few ways words have inspired me recently. What words or quotes speak to you?  It amazes me how much power words can have.  Words can do amazing things. They can change the world.  Think of how America changed after Martin Luther King Jr.’s, “I have a Dream” speech.  Also, remember how cruel or unkind words can have a powerful impact.