How to Make a Gift Extra Special


I love giving gifts.  However, on occasion my gifts may get to their destination a little late.  I like to blame this delay on motherhood and the fact that even if you plan ahead, well, more than likely your plans will get scrapped.  Therefore, I like to make sure if my gift is going to be late that it has a little something special.

The gift above was for my twin sister and since I couldn’t be there for our birthday I wanted to make sure she at least had a chance to make a wish and treat herself to something sweet.  I made her a special cupcake topper for her cupcake.  That way when she Instagram’s her deliciously sweet treat it is Instagram-worthy.

This was my way to make her gift special.  Other ways to do this could be to add quotes or lyrics on slips of pretty paper to the packing material or to decorate your own wrapping paper (think white wrapping paper with your own art).  If you aren’t artsy, you could add the person’s favorite candies to the gift bag or throw in a $10 itunes card if they are into music.  It’s all about determining what will put a smile on his/her face.  You could even find a way to throw and inside joke inside of a card or a random fact that they would find interesting. I remember when I was pregnant someone left me a clipping that let me know that pregnant women could urinate in public without the fear of breaking the law.  Will I ever really need to know that?  Probably not but it made me smile.  At an old job, if someone shouted out ‘peanut butter’ then the whole section would burst out into giggles (don’t ask why, we were an interesting group).  This meant if someone was having a rough day it was not uncommon for them to receive and email with peanut butter pictures or a survey if crunchy or smooth peanut butter is better.

Anyway the bottom line is be creative.  Think about something unique to them and try it into your gift.  The little things sometime matter the most!

Happy gifting!