The Best Eyeliner Trio Ever

For Christmas my sister got me an eyeliner kit from bare minerals and I absolutely love it.  I have always been a liquid eyeliner girl and this may just replace what I have been using for YEARS.  It comes with three different kinds of eyeliner: the Lash Domination Ink Liner, the Round the Clock Intense Cream-Glide Eyeliner, and the Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner.  The ink liner works like a pen, no real surprise there, you simply draw on your line, it takes a bit of getting use to and you may have to fill in your ink but its precision is awesome.  The lasting line long-wearing is great for your water line.  I use eye drops regularly because I have dry eyes and I didn’t have any problem with smudging or fading.  The cream-glide eyeliner works great for smudging to give a smokey eye.  I posted a link in case any of you want to check it out.  I seriously love it!  Note:  This is my own opinion and is not a paid endorsement.

Find the kit here!

13 products I can’t live without

13 products I can't live without

I think every woman finds themselves buying makeup that they intend on trying out, to end up putting on their “normal” makeup everyday.

I know I do this.  I will experiment with different colors on occasion.  But if I need to look my best I go with what I know will get the job done.  I used to use more expensive makeup but then I realized, I can accomplish the same thing with less expensive makeup.  It’s really all in the application.  My makeup routine is the following:

  1. Cover all my flaws with concealer.  And I won’t lie to you.  I’m heavy-handed when it comes to concealer.  I sometimes will use the concealer that looks like lipstick because it is much faster but doesn’t feel as good on your face.  TIP:  The best foundation application requires a foundation brush, triangle sponge, and a powder brush.
  2. Lay the foundation.  I love the kind above because the shade looks natural (porcelain ivory) and it gives my skin the moisture it needs.
  3. Follow up with loose powder to set the foundation.  If I am looking pale I will add a little bronzer (not shown).
  4. Blush.  TIP:  A little blush goes along way.  Even on the super light makeup days I add a touch of blush.  Finding the right shade of blush was actually the hardest thing for me to find.  If it’s too pink it doesn’t look natural.  Too orange and you look like a clown.  Too brown and you look dirty!
  5. Highlighter eye shadow.
  6. Midtone eye shadow.  Who doesn’t love gold?
  7. Crease eye shadow.  Sometimes I go darker but I try not to go too dark for everyday wear.
  8. Liquid eyeliner.  I love liquid eyeliner!  The line you get with liquid eyeliner is so defined.  I always use it on my top eyelid and often rock the cat-eye or winged look.  I love the old Hollywood makeup vibe.  Once you make the switch from pencil you won’t go back.  TIP:  If you mess up with liquid eyeliner, don’t start all over.  Use concealer to fix a slip of the hand.
  9. Brown pencil eyeliner.  For the bottom lid.  Smudge with a makeup brush for a softer more natural look.
  10. Mascara.  Always use more that one coat.  It will make your eyes stand out.
  11. Lip liner.  Another item that when you start to use it, it’s hard to stop.  It keeps your lips looking great all day and keeps lipstick in place.
  12. This bright hot pink lipstick is so pretty and can be toned-down with a little bit of lip gloss (or chap stick applied over top).
  13. Lip gloss.  Because it automatically makes your lips look kissable.

Products are listed below.  What are some of your favorite products?