That Time I Danced at an Indian Wedding

Where do I begin?  Let’s see here…

One of my best friends (who is Indian) recently got married to her Greek love.  It totally was a BIG FAT INDIAN GREEK wedding.  I was a bridesmaid and truly I have never been more honored or excited to be a part of a wedding.  Learning all the different cultures and getting to participate in so many things really made the experience special for me, not to mention, getting to spend time with all my besties.

Me and the Bride!

I got to get tatted up with the bride(mehndi)  and learned that in some cultures it is tradition for the bride to have the groom’s name hidden in their henna, on the wedding day the husband will find his name, hidden among the beautiful, intricate, designs.  In another Indian tradition the single women have their henna drawn on from the same tube as the bride, this is supposed to help them find a good husband.

My mehndi
The Bride and Groom at the Mehndi! Look how happy they are!
Can you find the groom’s name?

I had so much fun at the mehndi!  It was probably the coolest thing I’ve got to do for a pre-wedding festivity.  I was so paranoid I was going to mess by mehndi up that I barely slept the night I got it done (I was told that it is darker and has better color the longer you keep it on)!

Another thing that was very new to me was performing an Indian dance at the wedding reception.  You can view it below.  I look a hot mess but I tried my best and had a lot of fun (but at the time I had mono so I think I did pretty well considering).

 More Pics!

Before the Greek Gala
The Barat
The Barat. The Groom making his way to the wedding ceremony.
After the ceremony!

Before the Reception. Isn’t the bride gorgeous!
At the reception. We all had on Indian clothes for the wedding reception! They were so beautiful and they were all supplied by one of my besties!