Make Your Own Snack Mix

snack-mixRecently for the Easter holiday I decided to make my own snack mix to put in my parents Easter basket.  Yeah, you read that right…I made my parents an Easter basket.  You never are too old for an Easter basket!  They came to visit and we all had a lovely time.  It was probably the best Easter we have had in years!

Landon had so much fun chasing bubbles (a bubble machine was in his Easter basket) and the weather was gorgeous.

Now back to the Snack Mix….

Here are the goodies I put in my Snack Mix:

  • Cheez-its
  • Pretzels
  • Peanuts
  • Dark Chocolate M&Ms
  • Shelled Sunflower Seeds

I kept is pretty simple but my parents LOVED it!  It was perfect because they rode the train up to see me and it made a great snack for the train ride home.

The key to making it was using a GIANT bowl to mix everything up.  I was even able to up-cycle the peanut jar into my gift container.  All it took was some glue dots, scrapbook paper, and some stickers to dress it up!  

It is such a easy gift to make and doesn’t cost much.  It let my parents know they were loved and that we were very happy to have them for the weekend.



Easter 2014

easter-3Hey Y’all!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!  I know my family had a great time and Landon went on his first Easter Egg hunt.  I was so proud!  One thing we didn’t really think about was we used real eggs and lets just say they may have gotten a little beat up as Landon threw them into his Easter basket.  We also got him a bubble machine for Easter because he loves bubbles and frankly, I SUCK at blowing bubbles.  I don’t remember it being so hard when I was younger.  However, I’m sure the added pressure of my toddler anxiously waiting for me to blow a million bubbles makes it quite a different task all together.

easter1This year we also tried dying eggs using liquid food coloring and it made some pretty colors.  I wish I would of wrote down some of the color recipes.  The weather was beautiful so we spent as much time outside as possible.  We even got sidewalk chalk, which to my surprise Landon loved.  At the end he looked like he had jut done the Color Run because he was covered in powdered chalk from head to toe!

easter2I hope y’alls Easter was wonderful as well.  Nothing beats spending time with family and remembering what the true meaning of Easter is all about.

3 Unexpected Things I’m Thankful For


Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone I realize how much I have to be thankful for.  Sometimes we forget how blessed we are and don’t appreciate the little things.  Here are some of the unusual things I’m thankful for this year:

1.  Being laid off

I know it sounds crazy, right? Honestly, being laid off in March was one of the best things to ever happen to me.  Yes, it was scary for a while.  Devastating  Shocking.  Infuriating, even.  BUT it allowed me spend time with my son, forced me to branch out into my other interests and challenge myself, network, apply to jobs I would have been too intimidated to apply to before, and allowed me to meet some wonderful people.  It also showed me that no matter how good you are at your job, your position may not be safe.  Contracts end and budgets sometimes get cut.  I am now more experienced and know how to better prepare for the unexpected.  In the long run being laid off was great for me.  It led me to a new job with much better pay that allows me to provide for my family and better hours and for that I am very thankful.

2.  No More Sleeping In

Parents, you know what I;m talking about.  After kids, sleeping in till noon is a fantasy.  I am so glad that I’m not wasting my weekends away sleeping.  I am so much more productive and satisfied with the way I spend my time.  Watching my son play even in the early hours warms my soul.  Especially all his sleepy babble.  It’s the cutest thing to wake up to.  So for the drastic change is the start of my day I am thankful.  Note: I did not say I am thankful for lack of sleep, that waking up multiple times in the middle of the night is craziness.  New parents, hang in there!  They will sleep through the night one day, I promise.

3.  Having a messy home

Yeah I said it.  Although I like my house to be clean and organized, having a messy one means that I have a life beyond cooking, cleaning, and laundry.  Landon’s toy all over the place means that play time was a BLAST and that when he took a nap, I did too!  Dirty dishes in the sink means that I gave myself a break after I cooked dinner and decide to watch The Wedding Planner because it was on TV again for like the 1000th time.  Occasionally, my house looks like a cross between college apartment and daycare center and I’m totally okay and thankful for that.


A Mother’s Day weekend retreat

Mother's Day

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day and what this mom needed more than anything was a BREAK! And I’m not even a little bit scared to admit it. Judge me all you want, being a mom is T-O-U-G-H. Night feedings that seem to be never-ending, diaper changes that feel like wrestling matches, extra laundry, having your day dictated by nap times, suctioning tiny noses that don’t want to be suctioned (so gross, by the way), are just some challenges moms face. On the other hand, I never felt true joy until I held my baby boy in my arms. I thought I had but I was completely wrong. I love him so much and he inspires me to be a better person. I swear something changes when you become a mom, it’s like the whole world shifts, and you finally realize what matters most: FAMILY. Not that I didn’t know it before, it just I would get stressed about things that in the grand scheme of things don’t matter at all.

Unfortunately, my husband and I don’t live close to family so date night kind of died when Landon was born. We probably should find a regular baby sitter, but it’s just so scary to leave your baby with someone you don’t really know. I had a terrible time letting him go to daycare, but the people there are great. The first step is just hard I guess. Soon, I will be adding that to my to-do list.


Luckily, for Mother’s Day my husband arranged for friends of ours, who have two kids of their own, to watch Landon overnight so we could finally have a night together. It was the first time that we have had a night to ourselves in 11 months! He surprised me by taking me to the Ritz-Carlton for a night. It was just what I needed. From the moment I walked through the door, I just seemed to relax. How could you not with the soft classical music playing and it being so pretty everywhere you looked? I don’t think I have ever seen so many chandeliers in my life. They were everywhere in the lobby, hallways, elevator….

When we got to the lobby they had cute Mother’s Day cookies, lemon and lime infused water, and apples for the guests. There was also bottle water everywhere. The room was every girl’s dream! There was a big fluffy bed, a soaking tub, walk-in shower, a vanity outside the bathroom so I had a perfect place to sit and get all dolled up. I know this may not seem over-the-top amazing to you but when getting to take a shower daily is a luxury, this was phenomenal.



For dinner we went to Wildfire and treated ourselves to cocktails, calamari, and filet. We didn’t have any room for dessert, but when we got back to our room our turn down service left us chocolates on our bed. I would gotten a picture of that too BUT it was gone before that even crossed my mind. Oh my, I do love chocolate! Which reminds me of how sweet my husband is, he had ordered us chocolate strawberries via room service for when we arrived.



Ladies, I think I’ve got a keeper. We followed up our amazing night with room service for breakfast, which didn’t disappoint. Then we packed up our stuff to go pick up my little cutie pie. It was an amazing weekend and I was very pleased with our stay at the Ritz.


P.S. Some of the pictures would have been better, but I didn’t want to look like a creeper or someone who had never been in a hotel before.