5 Tips to Staying Slim


Drink Water

This may seem like a no-brainer, but tons of people everyday consume hundreds of calories from soda or coffees.  All the sugar in soda, creamers, and caramel/chocolate drizzle will pack the pounds on.  If its hard to give up your favorite beverage,  scale back slowly or eliminate the add-ons to your coffee.  If you can’t give the sugary beverages up completely, you will feel much better and may see a few pounds fall off.

Snack when you’re hungry

To many peoples surprise snacking can be really beneficial when trying to watch your figure. Not only does eating smaller meals more frequently keep your metabolism running, it keeps you from binge eating later. When you’re starving you are much more likely to eat every thing in sight and to choose unhealthy options. Of course when you snack it’s best to choose healthy choices like veggies, hummus, fruits, nuts, etc. However, if you want to indulge a little make one of you snacks a treat. There are lots of 100 calorie chocolate-goodness options.

Keep in mind the more sweets you eat the more you crave them. (Something I didn’t really realize until I stopped eating all the treats people brought into the office.) Now it’s easy for me to turn down the donuts, cakes, cookies, brownies, etc. If you work in an office where it seems it is always someone’s birthday; I know how hard it can be.

How do I snack? I keep almonds, pretzels, pistachios, and clementines at my desk in case hunger hits. I portion out everything out (besides the clementines) into snack bags so I don’t accidentally over eat. My favorite snack is red pepper hummus with either pretzels or carrots. I usually keep a banana in my purse. I’m telling you if you search me at any given time I probably have some sort of food on me, lol. Snacking keeps me from getting home after work and eating an entire bag of potato chips that my husband put away. Potato chips are a weakness of mind. They are too damn delicious to be a bunch of empty calories.

Know how many calories you should be consuming daily

Most women only need around 1500 calories a day. Where men need at least 2000 calories. If you are trying to lose weight that number could be as low as 1000 calories a day. My daily goal is 1200 calories a day. Women are at a serious disadvantage when trying to lose weight because every where you go, portion sizes are made for a man. In most restaurants if you were to eat your whole meal it would be easy to consume way more calories than your body needs.

Find fun ways to stay active

Exercise does a body good, really good. But I know, EXERCISE CAN BE SO BORING! Omg, being on an elliptical kills me. Something about not being able to pick up my feet drives me crazy. However, cardio is important for a healthy heart. I have been doing a lot of the classes at my gym because they are so much more fun than watching the timer trickle down on a treadmill or elliptical. My gym offers Latin fusion, step, dance jam, kick boxing, and more to get my heart pumping. The classes are fun and keeps me from skipping out on my workout.

If classes aren’t available to you, dance it out at home. I do this when it’s too cold to go to the gym. I rock out and start grape-vining, box stepping, triplet stepping, and shaking my booty. It’s fun and burns calories. But I do look completely ridiculous doing it and pray my husband doesn’t come downstairs and see me busting my moves. It’s something that only my dog and our sofa should bear witness to!

Make some me time

Me time is important. I know it can be really hard to come by. Especially with babies and grown up responsibilities. Having time to yourself gives you time to relax and let your stress melt away. Keeping stress down keeps cortisol levels down which contributes to belly fat. Stress also can make you stress eat. I know because I have been known to do it. My me time typically includes working out, reading, finding a quiet place and flipping through a magazine, writing, crafting, and taking a bath (try out some of lush’s bath products they are so FAB. You can read one my reviews here).