You Know You’re a Mom When

You know you're a mom when

  • You can’t read Love You Forever by Robert Munsch without crying-and I mean REALLY crying. (I couldn’t do this when pregnant either)

    I’ll love you forever,

    I’ll like you for always,

    As long as I’m living

    my baby you’ll be.

  • The date of the next Disney movie release is a BIG deal.
  • Your brain turns to mush, more times then you’ll ever admit. What happens to it during pregnancy? There is no way I was this forgetful before baby! To do lists and grocery lists are now a must.
  • Earrings have to be much more practical, unless you like having your ears pulled liked a horse’s reigns.
  • You can speed: Eat, Clean, Shower, Pee, etc.
  • You spend more time looking at diaper bags than purses.
  • Shopping for shoes, comfort starts being a priority.
  • Even innocent things like pillows can scare you silly. Who knows when my little one will sleep with a pillow, maybe when he is 5?
  • Sitting in silence for 5 minutes is like a mini vacation.
  • You cannot go into a Babies R Us without spending $200 (you went there for a sippy cup).
  • Waking up at 8am feels like Christmas morning.