Pineapple upside down martini




  • 2 ounces of vanilla vodka
  • 2/3 cup pineapple juice
  • Splash or cherry juice or grenadine syrup
  • pineapple wedge and maraschino cherries (for garnish)

Combine the vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, and cherry juice into a shaker filled half way with ice.  Shake until cold in your hands.  Strain and pour into two chilled martini glasses.  Use a cocktail skewer to garnish with pineapple and cherries.  Toast to a special moment or just being fabulous and ENJOY!

This is one of my favorite drinks.  I love it!  These are great drinks for a bachelorette party.

A Bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas


Recently, I went to Vegas for a close friend of mine’s bachelorette party. It was a great weekend! We finally had time to catch up and party like we pledging a sorority again, lol. The trip started off a little rocky with our flight to Vegas being delayed 4 hours due to weather. However, for the most part, everyone was pretty chipper. It felt like a total party plane. There was a group of guys clearly going for a bachelor party and they drank at every opportunity. Vegas was a lot of FUN but I definitely can tell I am getting older. I actually lost my voice before I even got off the plane! This led everyone in Vegas to think I partied like a rock star every night and that out of the group I was the party animal. So not true!


Anyways, since we were there for a bachelorette party we of course did pool parties, clubbing, etc. We also attracted a lot of attention wherever we went by having our bachelorette wear a sash wherever we went. This was a good thing because it led to free drinks and VIP treatment. Who doesn’t want a bachelorette to have a good time? NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT WEAR 15 PIECES OF BACHELORETTE MEMORABILIA AT ONCE. Keep it tasteful, you want to say I’m here to have fun…NOT I’m a billboard of male genitalia. Even if you are a big group of girls coming for a bachelorette party, do not expect to get in to places free. We didn’t pay any cover the whole weekend but we had some very resourceful girls planning our trip and they did their homework weeks before Vegas.

The Bellagio Water Show
The Bellagio Water Show

How to get in free?

Talk to promoters BEFORE you get to Vegas! This will ensure you have lots of places you can go and not pay any cover. In Vegas, most places charge women cover. You can find promoters online through twitter, facebook, or even instagram (search #vegas or #whateverclubyouwanttogoto). Promoters can get you on the guest list so you don’t have to wait in the main line and don’t have to pay. The only downside is you usually have to get to clubs early. But many places make up for that too, with an open bar for women during the earlier hours. If you don’t meet promoters ahead of time, you will run into them on the strip or in hotels. The advantage of talking to them before Vegas is you can make sure you are working with a GOOD promoter that is getting you into the HOTTEST clubs.

The girls before TAO
The girls before TAO

How to manage expenses with a large group?

When you are with a big group sometimes its hard to keep track of who-you-owe-what; between hotels, meals where the restaurant doesn’t split the check, cabs, etc. For this problem, we used a new app for iPhones called Splitwise. It is amazing at tracking all the expenses and then helping you settle everything at the end. Seriously, if you have an iPhone and travel in groups GET.IT.NOW!

Other Advice?

  • Buy a case of water and leave it in your hotel room. You will want in when you’re feeling the effects of the night before.
  • Don’t expect to go to bed before 5am. The casinos in Vegas pump oxygen into the casino to help keep people awake and spending money. This is great in the fact that you will not feel tired, really at all. But much later that day you will realize you haven’t slept in so many hours your math is failing you. Not good if you do any gambling.
  • I highly recommend TAO Nightclub at the Venetian. A lot of fun, and just upscale in general. Plus they have women in bathtubs as you walk in and women in these boxes inside the doors that is just HOT.
  • Gamble a little while in Vegas, maybe only a few dollars at the penny slots. The casinos in Vegas are something you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Don’t expect casinos to be smoke-free. I know most states have laws for restaurants and other public places to be smoke free. Therefore, I was surprised to be around people smoking. I just didn’t think about how different places have different laws.
  • CVS on the strip had cheaper liquor than the ABC store. While there stock up snacks. Trust me you’re gonna want them and much cheaper there!
  • If you are staying on the strip, stay at a hotel that has a night club you’re interested in going to. This eliminates cab fare for a night.
  • Expect to walk a lot, I suggest staying in the middle of the strip. It should save your feet some.
  • Go out and enjoy all the different shows! They are free and fun!
  • Food is expensive everywhere, so be prepared to spend money, even at cheaper establishments.

If you have other questions let me know! What are some of your ways to save money on trips?