Ergobaby carrier review

ergobaby carrier
Ergo baby Original Carrier

I got the ergobaby carrier as a gift at a baby shower.  I was happy because I knew that wearing a baby can be super useful to be able to get things done and have your hands free when you have a little one.  With my son my hubby and I had used a Baby Bjorne and a Moby Wrap. We liked the baby Bjorne because it was easy to put on.  At the time I didn’t even know than the ergobaby carrier existed.

The Moby Wrap we didn’t like because it took awhile to get a hang of how to tie it.  Plus you can’t really prevent the wrap dragging the floor when you tie it which just bothered me because it felt like it was getting dirty and then that fabric was touching baby.

Picture below for comparison purposes.  I have not reviewed the Baby Bjorne but we do like it and it was our go to for our son.

Original Baby Bjorne
Original Baby Bjorne


I say all that to be able to really review the ergobaby carrier.

I really like the way it looks.  It has more style.  Also the padding makes it really comfortable to wear.  It also has a little fabric flap that can be used to cover the babies head.  The fabric snaps in place and can be used to protect the babies head from the sun or to block the babies view of bright lights/distractions when in the carrier.

I dislike the instructions.  They are just a series of pictures that my husband and I could not figure out.  Luckily there was a video on YouTube that we could watch.  It took a couple views but then we got the hang of it.  Also, for anyone that has limited range of motion (I have limited range from a shoulder surgery) it can be hard to hook the back buckle by yourself. I had to really adjust and loosen the straps so that I could actually wear it.

The biggest disappointment was that if you purchase the carrier in order to use it with an infant you have to purchase an infant insert which is pretty pricey after also purchasing the carrier itself.  I wish the insert came with the carrier.  Also it just was a pain to want to use it and discover that you need another piece to use it.  The insert is only needed for babies under 12 lbs or under four months.  There is more specific guidelines on when to use the insert provided in the instructions.

Ergo Baby infant insert
Ergo Baby infant insert

We wanted to be able to use the carrier way sooner than four months so we did purchase the insert.  We chose the mesh insert because our baby gets sweaty easily.

With all that said…

We LOVE it!  Including baby!  Money well spent!

Serious my little one loves it.  She is a little over one month old and she usually falls asleep in it within minutes of wearing it.  She falls asleep in the Baby Bjorne too however I can sit down with her because her legs are out and she knows.  With the ergo her legs are held tight (frog-like to your body) and are inside the carrier so she doesn’t know and after a while I can sit down and relax while she sleeps.  I don’t have to explain to any parent how much that little bit of time to recoup is worth.  We will use the both of our carriers but while our little one is small we will probably use the ergo more.

Disclaimer: I was not solicited to write this review.  This is this mama’s honest opinion.

Second Honeymoon by James Patterson- Book Review

SoSecond_Honeymoon-400px I have recently been on a reading kick and I loved this book!  Second Honeymoon by James Patterson is suspenseful and keeps you on your toes.  There is so much action and adventure.  Plus you have a mystery to solve while reading it.  There are just enough plots going on to keep you entertained, while not so many that you can’t keep up with all the characters.  I highly suggest reading it.

If you don’t have time to sit down and read, use Audible!  It’s my go to when I can’t be posted up in my reading nook until my heart’s content!  I know audio books can be pricey but some of the memberships really aren’t bad if you would listen to books monthly.

Book Review: Whodunnit? Murder on Mystery Island

whodunnitI recently finished listening to Whodunnit? Murder or Mystery Island by Anthony E. Zuiker.  It was a book that I was able to download for free from Audible.  I don’t think it is available for free anymore.  The book is pretty suspenseful so I got through it pretty quickly.  The book is set on a beautiful island where guests are celebrating their hard work at a corporate retreat.  Pretty soon the tropical island turns sinister as one by one guests are killed off and each guest must participate in solving the murder in order to not be the killer’s next victim.  In the end the murderer is revealed.  The book is narrated by the butler who seems a little off and for a while I believed may be the murderer even though you are told he is not.

In general, this book was okay.  The mystery keeps you reading as you want to figure out how each person died and you want to know the answer to riddles the murderer leaves for the guest.  The downside of this book is it’s not very believable.  You kind of think, this would never happen is real-life, and for me that makes it a little less enjoyable.  Also, the characters are a little shallow.  All in all, I think it’s worth reading but I’m not sure how much I would pay for this book.  It’s not something you are going to find yourself rereading again and again.

What have you been reading?  I am thinking of starting a book club soon!

Revisiting the Classics: To Kill a Mockingbird

to kill a mockingbird

We all had to read in high school and I appreciated it then but rereading it made me realize why this book is worthy of a Pulitzer Prize.  I remember after high school catching To Kill a Mockingbird references in unexpected places and being glad that I had taken the time to read it.  What are some of those unexpected references?  In Mr. Deeds there are several references to To Kill a Mockingbird, from falling out of Boo Radley’s apple tree, to the names Mr./Mrs. Finch/Atticus, to a statement a character says “It’s not right! It’s not right!”

What I love about it is that it is from an eight year old girl’s perspective, and not some prissy little girl who is afraid to get dirty.  Instead, it is a spunky little girl who would fight you in a minute (if her daddy wasn’t looking) and one that prefers trousers to a poofy-tulle-filled dress.  Scout is by far my favorite character.  This book just really touches on how innocent children are and that prejudice isn’t something children are born with.  The book makes me think about morals and how I would respond to my child if they asked me the say questions that Scout asks Atticus.  In general, I love Atticus as a father figure and I think that the Finch family dynamic is what makes this book so lovable.  I highly recommend this book to anyone that has not read it and a reread to anyone that has.

Courage.  Family.  Honor.  Curiosity.  Prejudice.  Ignorance.  Loss.

This book covers them all.

Book Review: Prime Deception

prime deceptionI just got back from a trip to Texas and have a book to report on!  I like to take advantage of the time I spend in the air, so for my travels I chose to read Prime Deception by Carys Jones.  I was actually contacted by the author to read the book and write about what my thoughts were.  So here is what I thought about Prime Deception (spoilers ahead):

The book is all about uncovering the details of the alleged suicide of Ms. Lorna Thomas.  A young and beautiful intern that is drawn to the power and charisma of the Deputy Prime Minister who engages in a forbidden affair with him.  The affair is eventually broken off and months later, Lorna is found dead, apparently by her own will she has driven herself into a tree.  With the news of the his mistress’s death the Deputy Prime Minister is shaken to his core.  Could she really have killed herself?  Is it his fault?  Did he really know her as a person?  He is left with so many questions and is wrecked with grief and guilt.

I would normally not give away so much of the book but its hard to review without giving some details away.  For me this book was ok.  It is more of a romance novel than a mystery thriller.  I did spend a lot of time when I was reading the book, deciding who I thought would have killed Lorna if it wasn’t suicide (which I never really thought it was). I was compelled to keep reading for two reasons: I wanted to know who killed Lorna and I wanted to learn more about a secondary character, Laurie, Lorna’s twin sister.

This character was important to me particularly because I have a twin sister who I love very much and feel that she is very much a part of what makes me, me.  She truly completes me.  Without her I wouldn’t be the same.  Therefore when Lorna’s twin, Laurie, shows up looking for answers I can totally relate to how hard that it would be to lose your twin sister.  When you are a twin you share almost all your special moments together which links you in a way different from other siblings.  If Laurie was not in the book I am not completely sure I would have finished the book, but if you like harlequin romance this book may be for you.  I personally wish that it would have focused more on mystery than romance, as the beginning of the book is pretty compelling.  So there you have it.  That’s the deets on Prime Deception.

Book Review: Starting Now

Starting-NowI found this book in one of my quick (or meant to be quick) trips to Walmart.  I actually found it when I was picking up items for Easter but didn’t get a chance to write about it until now.

This book called out to me because it starts off with Libby Morgan, a lawyer, walking into her boss’s office believing she is about to be made partner and being laid off instead.

This was something I could relate to.  I have been laid off and I know it can be devastating.  It took me by surprise because I was doing great work and had took on more responsibilities but sometimes layoffs happen and it is out of your control.  You have to get oven the shock and carry on.  Landon was 9 months old baby when it happened and I had no idea what I would do but you figure it out.  In the end it became a blessing because I didn’t miss his first steps and actually come to think of it, this blog was born during that time.

Anyway back to the book…

It was nice to kind of get caught up in Libby’s many emotions that she cycles through in her journey of figuring out what is next.  I think this book has some beautiful moments in it.  I will say that I do think the end was a little rushed and a little more time could have been taken to wrap up the character better, but I recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a quick read this summer.

Really the book is all about figuring out what’s next and knowing that life sometimes is messy and sometimes there is nothing we can really do but let it play out and move on.

Long story short.  I would recommend this book as a summer read.  It’s not going to change your life but it is a fun read.

Books to Read: The Maze Runner Series


Looking for some summer reads this summer?  If you liked the Hunger Games you will like the Maze Runner.  It you thought the Capitol was cruel is the Hunger Games just wait to you read about WICKED.

This series follows a teenage boy named Thomas.  It starts with him waking in up in a dark elevator ascending into blackness.  He can’t remember his past.  The only thing he can remember is that his first name is Thomas.  He is about to become a trivial part in the Gladers escape to freedom from a man-made maze that they have somehow found themselves it.  Can they escape?  If they do escape will they really be free?  Find out more my devouring this quick paced book.  Before you know it you’ll be finished with the series!

This trilogy includes The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, and The Death Cure.





Book Review: the Husband’s Secret



The Husband’s Secret is a great read.  It’s suspenseful and before you know it you’re thirty chapters in.  This is a fun read.  It all starts with a letter that Cecilia Fitzpatrick stumbles upon while her husband is away on business.  This letter contains her husband’s deep, dark, secret.  The outer envelope is addressed, “For my wife- to be opened only in the event of my death” and feels like it could have been written years and years ago.

From there you’re hooked and are edging her on to rip open the envelope and see what horror may be contained inside.  In the process, you learn about two other women who are having/had life-changing events happen to them.  Secrets are revealed as you read each chapter.  And if this book promises nothing else, you will be thoroughly entertained as you read every single page.  Love affairs, a mysterious murder, and more!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good, quick read.  Believe me you will fly through this book, because you will need to know what happens next.

Red Door Spa Review: Hydra-quench Remineralizing Body Wrap


I’m a lucky girl.  Recently my husband gave me a gift certificate to Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa.  I was so excited for some pampering.  It took me DAYS to figure out what services to get done.  I decided on a body wrap because I have never had one before and it scared me a little.  I also had a warm cream pedicure which was AMAZING.

The body wrap I chose was the hydra-quench remineralizing body wrap.  It is a body wrap that promises to restore natural balance and to hydrate.  You can read more about it here.  I loved it and was very happy that my esthetician talked me through the process because I really knew very little about the body wrap process.  Let me enlighten y’all on my experience…

  • When I arrived, I was escorted to the locker room and given a fluffy robe and sandals to wear.  They provide lockers to lock your stuff in.  In case you aren’t aware, you are completely naked underneath the robe.
  • After I was in my robe and sandals I went to the relaxation room.  This room was so peaceful.  They have cappuccino, lemon water, cucumber water, and coffee.  I chose the lemon water, grabbed some magazines, and found a comfy spot on the couch surrounded by pillows to relax.  The atmosphere is tranquil and the lights are dim.  There is also biscotti to nibble on.  Waiting for your spa treatment is a small get away.
  • When I was called back my esthetician lead me to my room.  She explained that I would need to put on a paper-thong and shower cap for my service, as well as, take off my robe and lay face up on the table with a blanket over me.  She left for several minutes to let me get situated.
  • The process started by an exfoliation with little tiny micro beads.  They were rubbed all over my body and then wiped off.  While the exfoliation occurs you lay listening to relaxing music and enjoying the warm room.  After the exfoliation, a mask is applied with a massage.  The mask smelled so good.  It had a floral, sweet scent.  Roses meets hydrangeas, with honeysuckle.  If they sold it in a bottle I would definitely buy it.  It was so refreshing.  As the mask is applied, they wrap your body in what feels like plastic wrap, with an outer layer of a solar blanket.  It is comfortable but confined.  It kinda make me feel like I was in a cocoon.  It was really cozy.  I took a little nap while I let all the goodness from the wrap sink in.
  • After the wrap stage, the esthetician will unwrap you and have you take a quick shower.  They supplied lots of towels and new sandals.  They didn’t supply another paper thong so I took it off before the shower and put it back on when I got out.
  • From the shower you get back on the table and get the last finishing touches of the wrap.  The whole process takes about an hour.  I highly recommend it at least once.  My skin felt amazing afterwards and looked great for my trip to Miami a week later.

That pretty much sums up my body wrap experience.  I will definitely get another one at some point.  Probably when my skin is in need for some desperate TLC.  Next time I go I think I will pamper my face.  There is no doubt I’m starting to getting older.  Experiencing the first signs of wrinkles is scary!  What are some of y’alls favorite spa treatments?


Review: Lush’s Honey Bee Bath Bomb


Recently, I made a trip to LUSH to try out their bath bomb’s.  I was in the Tyson’s Corner area meeting friends for some always delicious Cheesecake Factory and knew they had a shop in the other Tyson’s (The one you can actually shop in).  I first learned of LUSH when listening to HOT 99.5’s The Kane Show.  Sarah, who is no longer on the show, was raving about their products and I’ve been dying to try

 them out ever since.  This weekend was the perfect time.  It’s been so hectic, the little one is sick again.   When I finally found some me time, I decide to try this out.  A warm relaxing bath would be a nice stress reliever.  OMG, the Honey bee bath bomb made my bath heavenly.


The water was warm and silky smooth.  It felt so good.  I have never been in water that literally felt like silk.  And the smell…I wish I could be back in the bath right now.  Just drop the bath bomb in a tub full of warm water and let the sweet scent revitalize you.  It smells of honey, toffee, and gardenia.  It has aloe in to make your skin soft and Moroccan Rhassoul mud to give your skin a deep cleansing.  It’s truly amazing.  It fizzes and dissolves quickly leaving your bath water an amber color, that will not stain your tub.  I will definitely be purchasing it again.  I also got their sex bomb bath bomb, but have not got to try it out yet.  We’ll see if it can deliver on its promise….


 In case any of you are wondering, LUSH did not pay me to write this post.  This is my own opinion on their product.  I have tried other bath bombs, one from Whole Foods (a vanilla peppermint one at Christmas time) did not come close to what LUSH crafted so well.  I have also found them in other specialty stores but LUSH’s bath bomb was by far the best.  If you are interested in learning more about LUSH’s products or want to buy a honey bee bath bomb for yourself click here.  When I purchased mine, I paid $6.45.  I do not know if their prices are always the same or not.  I would highly recommend this product.  I also have fairly sensitive skin which this did not bother.