Landon’s Second Birthday Party

This year Landon’s Birthday fell during a very crazy time for us.  There was sand soccer and one of my best friend’s wedding, where I happened to be a bridesmaid (post to come soon!).  Therefore, we kept Landon’s birthday party simple.  I asked myself the question, “If Landon could pick his birthday party theme what would HE choose?”  Not what theme do I think is adorable.  Then the answer became clear.  Anything that has to do with water.  What kid doesn’t enjoy water playtime in the summer?  I know for me and my twin sister, Nina, every birthday for us in elementary school included a water balloon fight!

With that decided, I just needed a few things to make his party work…friends, food, cupcakes, and a toddler pool!

To get all our friends there and to give it a special touch, I made his invitations from scratch.  I really hadn’t nailed down his party theme at that point so this is what I came up with:


Some of the other details were:

Landon’s Smash Cake (this is before I piped the frosting around the bottom).  Which Landon chose to not smash because he loved his new toys so much he couldn’t spare time for cake!

Landon's-smash-cakeCupcakes with Handmade Cupcake Toppers (how to coming soon).  You can also check out this post to get a general idea here.



Balloon Backdrop (as you can see the party started going in the pirate theme direction).  you can learn how to make one here.



We also got photo props for the balloon backdrop, but somehow we didn’t manage to get any pictures with the props!

The Jungle/Dino Pool

The kids just wanted to be in the water all day!  But who can blame them with a get-up like below.  I swear Landon kept walking us to the back door for days to get into his Jungle themed adventure pool.  This pool was awesome because water came out of the volcano and palm tree.  Also the dinosaur had balls you could toss in his mouth and then they would float in the pool.



The Birthday Boy!!



The Star Wars Lightsaber

Pretty cool toy, right.  He will not put it down.  And let’s just say this lets him let-out all that boy energy!


And you can’t go wrong with an Avenger’s Tent with a crawl tunnel!



Well those are the highlights!  We had so much fun and really enjoyed spending the time outside.  An extra bonus is the house stayed clean since we were outside most of the day!  I cannot believe he is already two!  Where does the time go?



Easter 2014

easter-3Hey Y’all!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!  I know my family had a great time and Landon went on his first Easter Egg hunt.  I was so proud!  One thing we didn’t really think about was we used real eggs and lets just say they may have gotten a little beat up as Landon threw them into his Easter basket.  We also got him a bubble machine for Easter because he loves bubbles and frankly, I SUCK at blowing bubbles.  I don’t remember it being so hard when I was younger.  However, I’m sure the added pressure of my toddler anxiously waiting for me to blow a million bubbles makes it quite a different task all together.

easter1This year we also tried dying eggs using liquid food coloring and it made some pretty colors.  I wish I would of wrote down some of the color recipes.  The weather was beautiful so we spent as much time outside as possible.  We even got sidewalk chalk, which to my surprise Landon loved.  At the end he looked like he had jut done the Color Run because he was covered in powdered chalk from head to toe!

easter2I hope y’alls Easter was wonderful as well.  Nothing beats spending time with family and remembering what the true meaning of Easter is all about.

8 Things Parents do out of LOVE


It is truly amazing how much a parent can love their child.  Parents know (or quickly find out) that you can’t be that tiny-bit-selfish-person that you were before you had kids.  This sort of validates every parents statement that their child has made them a better person.  With that said, there are some terrible, awful, disguising things that parents do because they love there child. I’m not sure it technically makes them a better person, but it does make them a wonderful parent. Read on for what parents will do for their child out of LOVE.

  1. Pull poop out of their child’s butt when they’re constipated.  It’s so unbelievably gross.  You have no idea.  But when your child is bent over and crying, you will do what it takes to make them better.
  2. Deal with snot.  Lots and lots of it.  Suctioning out mucus is stomach-wrenching.  The sound it makes. And occasionally you may have to pick boogers out of your child’s nose that are stuck.  Somehow wiping kids noses with tissues and baby wipes will not free every stubborn dried booger.  Again this makes me cringe all over.  By all means try a warm washcloth first.  But some times you have to pick it.  That’s real love folks.  Almost too real.
  3. Eat something that their child has already drooled on, dropped on the floor, or drank out of because they were being good and sharing.  

    Sharing is caring.

  4. Stay up all night singing, snuggling, reading, walking around, or watching movies because their child can’t/won’t sleep.
  5. Let their child watch TV when their favorite show or movie is on.
  6. Miss social functions because they don’t trust anyone to care for their child.
  7. Feed their child first, when they are starving.  Like can-barely-function-starving, and their child is eating at a snail’s pace.
  8. Research child products for hours because they heard that something “may be bad” or have a recall.

There are so many more things that could go on this list.  What are some things that you do as a parent out of love?

First Baby Pregnancy Timeline

So lately I’ve had babies on the brain.  My husband and I are almost ready to dive in and try for a second baby.  That got me thinking about being pregnant again and made me nostalgic.  Growing a baby is beautiful, crazy, wonderful, and at times miserable.  I am so glad I got to experience it.  So much so, I think I’m ready to do it again.  Here is my first baby pregnancy timeline:


6 weeks:

I discovered I was pregnant.  I took a pregnancy test and it was positive.  That same week I also had a blood test done, to confirm it.  There is actually a funny story behind the picture above.  The first 2 test are mine and the last one is my husbands.  He was my control, it’s just the scientist in me to make sure the tests were working correctly.  P.S.  if you need a pregnancy test you can get them from the dollar store.  The above pregnancy tests came from dollar tree.  Much cheaper, just saying.


10 weeks:

Morning sickness starts.  1st ultrasound/check-up.  I got to hear the babies heartbeat.  It was pretty cool.  This is when I got the first ultrasound picture that looked like a bean.  I was already so proud and in love.  Landon was about 1.5 inches long.


14 weeks:

2nd ultrasound/check-up and beginning of 2nd trimester.  This ultrasound Landon looked like a real baby.  My husband and I cried so many tears of happiness watching him move around in my belly.  At this point I had gained ~3 pounds.

15 weeks:

 I had a tiny bump.  It wasn’t noticeable to anyone else but I could see it.


17 weeks:

 I bought my first maternity clothes.  They were a little big but my normal clothes were starting to be a little uncomfortable.

18 weeks:

Morning sickness FINALLY went away!


19 weeks:

Check-up time.  I was definitely showing and had gained 7 pounds.


20-21 weeks:

Half-way point.  Gender Ultrasound.  We almost didn’t get to find out his sex because he didn’t want to expose his ‘area’.  We were so excited when we left the ultrasound.  We bought him his first toy, a stuffed alligator.

22 weeks:

We had his name picked out and his nursery painted.  I started nesting pretty much as soon as we knew he was a boy.  This week we also made our registry, it took all day.


23 weeks:

Another check-up.

26 weeks:

Surprise baby shower at work.


28 weeks:

Beginning of 3rd trimester.

31 weeks:

Another check-up.  I had gained 24 pounds.


32 weeks:

Baby shower #1

33 weeks:

Another check-up.  This week I discovered I was lactating.  That freaked me out quite a bit.  My husband and I also took a 10 hour birthing class that week.  It was fairly intense but got us somewhat prepared for the big day.


35 weeks:

Baby shower #2.  Another check-up.  I had gained 29 pounds.

36 weeks:

Got my TDap vaccine.  I was determined to keep whooping-cough away.  I also made sure anyone that would be around the baby also had the vaccine.


37 weeks:

Another check-up.  This week my hands started to swell.  This was the week I started to become really anxious.

38 weeks:

Another check-up.  I had gained 31 pounds.


39 weeks:

Landon came this week.  Sadly, my labor was 37 hours.  Landon did not read the exit manual and tried to come out face first instead of head first.  Don’t worry though, it’s incredibly rare (less than 2% of births).

For information on what to buy preparing for baby, click here.

Fall Festivities 2013

I love fall.  The weather is wonderful, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and you get to dress up for Halloween.  Here are some of my highlights for FALL!

Decorating the outside.


Enjoying time outside in the beautiful weather, can we say perfect weather for outdoor shopping.


Dressing up our chihuahua Daisy


Goofing off with my little man.

oct4 Going to Cox Farms’ Fall Festival.  It you have kids and live in the Northern Virginia area, you should check it out!oct5

Big Slides.  So much outdoor fun!oct6

Getting dressed up for weddings!  Fall is a perfect time to get hitched!fall-festivities-wedding

Pumpkin decorating.  This is my pumpkin I decorated for work it won “Honorable Mention”oct8 More pictures of my pumpkin because I think it’s pretty AWESOME!oct9 oct10 oct11 Hanging out with my little skeleton.  His costume consist of a sweatshirt and pants so he was often in costume!oct12

Guidelines for buying baby clothes


Have you ever wanted to buy a birthday or Christmas present for a niece or nephew and had no clue what size to buy?  Sure, you know that they just turned one, but what size baby clothes does that translate to?  Are all baby brands sized the same?

I’m here to help.  Here’s some things to keep in mind…

  1. If clothes are slightly big, kids can grow into them.  So when it doubt get a size bigger and a gift receipt (in case you really miss the mark, and buy baby Timmy a Christmas onesie that wouldn’t fit until July).
  2. It’s best to let parents pick out the “baby’s first” outfits. This is one of those parent’s rights that turns out to be a “big deal.”  The first 4th of July, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day are important “firsts” outfits; ESPECIALLY if it’s someones first child.  By the second baby, things are more relaxed.
  3. Guideline #2 does not mean you can not buy holiday themed clothes.  Just DON’T buy the ones that say “Baby’s First _____” or “My First ____” on them.  Babies rocking red, white and blue or dressed like a pumpkin are adorable, so DO buy holiday themed outfits.
  4. For new parents, zippers are much easier that snaps.  So for sleep-n-plays which come with both zippers and snaps; buy the ones with zippers if the size you are buying is newborn or 0-3 months.  For those of you who don’t know what sleep-n-plays are…they are pajamas with the feet built-in.
  5. All baby sizes are not created equal.  Here are tips for sizing of popular baby brands.

Popular baby brands sizes



In general, it is important to note that some babies skip the newborn size all together.  So if you are going to a baby shower, try to limit buying all the ridiculously cute, tiny newborn outfits (if the baby weights more than 7 pounds, it probably won’t fit).  For my son, he typically grew out of sizes a month early.  Which translates to….

He wore 0-3 month clothing until he was 2 months old.  Then they were too small and we bumped up to 6 month clothing.  At 5 months, he out grew his 6 month clothes.  So at 6 months, he was wearing 9 month clothes.  This trend stayed constant.  Now at almost 15 months he wears 18 month, 24 month, and even some 2T clothing.  In case you are wondering, he has always been average for his age in height and weight.

Baby sizing means “up to.”  Therefore, 6 month sized clothing is for “up to 6 months.” 9 month clothing is “up-to 9 months.”  Weird, I know.  Most babies follow the trend of being in bigger clothing than their age.  Babies born premature won’t fall into this category since they start off super tiny.

Super hero or super exposed

The other weekend we went to a 1 year old, super hero birthday party.  The birthday boy was the son of my husband’s boss.  I had never met this boss so I was a little nervous, going in to everything.  Will I have people to talk to?  Will everyone be dressed up?  Crap.  I don’t have anything super hero for me or Landon!  We ended up settling for this batman outfit.  He’s cute in it, but it’s not really a super hero costume.

batmanSo we got there and everything was going well.  The people were friendly.  L turned out to have one of the best outfits.  (Let’s just say the other kids weren’t very festive.)  And they had yummy food and snacks.  My embarrassment came in to play when the kids decided to play “pin the batman emblem on batman”.  All the parents were distracted with the game, when I saw the birthday boy crawling away for a bunch of not-baby-friendly stuff on a set of book shelves.   It looked like nick-knacks of some sort, small enough for a baby to choke on.  Since, I was the only one that noticed I scooped up the birthday boy and started playing and talking to him.  The Dad (who is M’s boss) walked over and talked to me for a couple of minutes and had this weird look on his face and insisted on taking back his son.  I couldn’t figure out why, he was giggling and happy.  It was fun holding a smaller baby the difference in weight was amazing and he is only a two months younger than L.  I insisted that I didn’t mind holding the little guy, but could tell the dad wanted him back.  After I handed him over I realized, why he wanted him back.  The little guy had pulled down my tank top to where a good portion of my girls and bra was exposed.  I guess I was too caught up in cute-little-baby to notice.  I quickly shifted my shirt back into its proper place. I felt like an idiot because I’m pretty sure I made the dad feel uncomfortable.  It’s embarrassing because I really had no idea.  But overall I know that I made sure the little guy didn’t get into anything that was trouble.  I may of inadvertently flashed more of myself than intended, however, I can live with that.

The second baby talk


So a week ago my husband very sweetly and very seriously looked up at me and said, “I want to have another baby.” This was not surprising but still made me stop and be like-WHOAAA, am I ready for that? The truth is I have no idea. There are moments I think that I could have three little ones running around (crazy, right?). Then other moments I ask myself, “What have I gotten myself into?”  These moods usually correlate to how adorable Landon is being.

Sick/crying Landon= omg what was I thinking?

Cute/melt my heart Landon= aww how could I only have one baby?

Because I’m so on the fence about this and it’s a HUGE decision to bring a life into this world, I am considering a few things:

Do we make enough money to support a second child?

Can we pay for daycare for two kids or would I quit my job?

Is our house big enough for another person?

Is my body ready for all that again?

I still not sure what I want to do.  I think more than anything I’m scared of the morning sickness, heart burn, and feeling like a whale.  The pregnancy and first three months afterwards are the scary parts for me.  But if you take away that part (which is only a year, if you look at the big picture) I have no reason to not have another baby.  I will never forget how much I gained when I had my baby.  My life finally had a purpose.  The things that truly mattered became crystal clear.  I never knew my heart could hold so much love in it.  I remember being in awe that we created a little person.  Honestly, I am still amazed.  Every time my son learns something new it blows my mind.  He has now learned to climb on top of the coffee table and knows when we grab his shoes it’s time for a walk.

I want him to have at least one sibling.  I grew up with a brother and sister and they mean so much to me.  My childhood would not have been the same without them.  I know what side of the fence I’m leaning on, but am I brave enough to go through that crazy ride all over again?  There is a chance I might just be.

Anyone else on the fence?

A mom’s worst fear

moms-worst-fear2I just read an article that made me reflect on two different occasions that will never be forgotten. That will always bring tears to my eyes and my stomach feel like its fallen into a pit.

Danger at the beach

You can read the article here. It’s about a boy who disappears within a few minutes of being at the beach and his rescue. If you are a parent, I recommend reading it. It is an example of how dangerous holes can be at the beach when dug really deep. This incident seemed to be a freak accident, but happens more than you think.

Lost And Found

The recent instant that made my heart stop, happened while window shopping at the mall. My husband and I had just walked out of pottery barn kids, when a couple started looking at each other and panicking. They immediately started yelling their son’s name and asking every one else to do the same. They had lost their child and you could see their whole world crashing down on them. I grabbed my son close and started calling the child’s name. The mom, in between calling for her child, was giving everyone his description. His age, height, what clothes he had on, etc. My husband and I started looking around the area. It felt like forever as each moment passed by. Someone in Godiva called the mall security. The mom pleaded for people to continue calling out her son’s name. Their other son, who looked to be about eight, was crying. You could tell he was scared. It was terrible. After what felt like a century, probably ten minutes, the boy was found by mall security. They had swept both floors. It was a heart-warming moment to see the mom reunited with her son. I am glad that the little boy was wearing brightly colored clothes, as I am sure it helped greatly in him being found.

a normal day gone wrong

The other occasion that will never escape my mind no matter how much I would like it too, happened when my son was 4 weeks old.

It was the worst morning of my life. The day was going the same as any other I-have-a-new-baby day. The morning was a mix of nursing and trying to clean up, while carrying my son around. After nursing I went to the kitchen to clean my nipple shield. If you don’t know what that is, google it. I feel like more moms should know about them. For some people it can make the difference on if you can breastfeed or not. It is what made breast-feeding possible for me. Due to a traumatic birth, my son did not learn to latch on correctly (his mouth and lips were severely bruised and swollen-but that’s a whole other story in itself). After cleaning my nipple shield, I went and grabbed a paper towel to dry it off. During this time Landon was hanging out on my hip, as we pretty much did everything together, lol. In this process something happened that could have ended my son’s and even my life, his foot brushed the stove knob. We have a gas stove, so when his foot turned the knob it turned the gas on, but not the burner. Therefore, gas was leaking into the house and I had no idea. After nursing, I decided it was a good time to give Landon a bath. We went upstairs and I gave him a bath. He loves bath time so we played a while in the tub. Then, I went to the nursery and got him dressed and played some more because he was being A-DOR-ABLE. Then, I decided to go back downstairs for a quick nursing session before trying to get Landon to take a nap. As I was walking down the steps the smell of gas….

I remained relatively calm (at this point) even though I was totally freaking out. I turned off the stove, opened the back door, and got the dogs and Landon and I out of the house. I sat outside and called my husband to figure out how long the house needed to air out. When I called him Landon was just cuddling in my arms and making sweet baby sounds. While on the phone, Landon went to sleep. That’s when the panic inside me swelled to a life-crushing force.

My baby did not just fall asleep in my arms. He fought sleep for hours typically. I told my husband I had to go, my voice broke. He knew something was wrong.

I immediately hung up and tried to wake Landon up. I wanted him awake until the gas nightmare was over. I spoke to him and nudged him gently. He did not wake up.

I called 911. I was crying at this point. My heart had broken. I just kept saying, “Landon wake up for mommy, Landon please wake up for mommy”. Meanwhile, my chihuahua and boxer are looking at me like, “What’s wrong mom?” The 911 lady kept asking me questions that frustrated and scared me. I just wanted her to send help. She kept asking questions as if, she thought my baby was dead. I kept telling her I could see his chest rising and falling but could not actually feel his breath and could not wake him up. His breathing was very shallow. Knowing he was breathing did not comfort me. I needed to see him awake and alert. I needed that more than I needed air. Since, I was outside I got the water hose and gently sprayed a little bit of water on Landon’s head. He did not wake up.

This is when my world really feel apart. I felt so much at once. We had a rough start of things in those 4 weeks, but we were fighters. We had not come so far in new-baby-world for something so minor as a turn of a knob to tear our lives apart. I knew he had to be ok, but that didn’t stop all the fear in the world to rise up inside of me. I cried and looked at my precious little baby boy in my arms and wished that he could really be sleeping. That he was just really tired and that’s why he was in this abnormal slumber where I couldn’t wake him up.

Eventually, the fire department arrived. It felt like ages. I think it was about 5-6 minutes from the time I called. They opened all the windows (on both floors) and gave Landon oxygen. I actually think he had begun to wake up by the time I handed him over to the firefighters. They looked him over and let me know that he was fine. His oxygen levels were normal. He was finally awake and acting like himself. I felt better. But honestly, my heart had fallen so far in my stomach that it took a while, DAYS, to make its ascent back into its normal place in my chest.

Landon and I rode to the hospital in the back of an ambulance. I finally called my husband back to explain everything. He met us at the hospital (he had left work when I had got off the phone so abruptly).

In the end, Landon was fine. No real damage had occurred except to my nerves and a window treatment that was broken during the firefighters haste to get the windows open. A price I would pay a million thousand times to have a healthy little boy. That day a methane/natural gas detector was purchased along with kitchen knob baby-proof contraptions. I learned that it is a good idea to baby-proof even before your child can get into things. You never know what can happen when you have little ones!

15 First Time Mom Essentials


A lot of my friends or co-workers are pregnant or just had babies.

Another group of my friends are single and going to baby showers and have no idea what to buy for the moms-to be.

Therefore, I have decided to compile a list of what I think were MUST-HAVES during those crazy months of being a new mom. I know that some of these items are not truly must-haves in the sense that you can raise a child without them. However, why make life harder than it needs to be? This is what I would spend my money on.

  1. Crib, dresser, changing table


    • These are kinda a given. Your baby needs somewhere to sleep. Ours did not like his crib AT ALL until about 4 months. Some babies like it right away and if your baby does be thankful, you’re one of the lucky ones.
    • We bought a changing table/dresser combo. We actually found our set at Costco for a really good price and are very pleased with the quality. It is a Cafe Kids set that converts into a toddler bed, and then a full size bed when they are bigger. You can find the it here.
    • When getting a crib, get a few fitted sheets. You will need extra for accidents and when you can’t wash right away. You DO NOT need a comforter or bumper. You can see a bumper and comforter in the picture but our son has never had either in his crib. It is just not worth the risk.
  2. Diapers


    • You need diapers in multiple sizes. Remember some babies skip the newborn stage all together and while your baby is in the hospital, the hospital will provide diapers and wipes.
    • For our little one he stayed in the size 3 and 4 size diapers the longest. They grow really quickly in the beginning so you may not want to go too crazy with the value packs because you don’t want to end up with diapers you can’t use. However, when they are really little you will feel like you are changing them nonstop so a value pack is a wise buy. Just don’t buy several of the same value pack at once until you have a good idea of how fast your little one is growing.
    • Also, in the beginning save yourself the trouble of wondering if your baby is wet and get the diapers with the wetness indicator. DO IT! When babies are tiny, the amount of urine produced is tiny. This means it can be hard to tell if they are wet or not. In the beginning their skin is sensitive and you do not want even a tiny bit of urine sitting on their precious little skin.
  3. Wipes

    • I recommend starting with sensitive wipes, so if your baby skin is rash-prone, you wont have to worry about fragrances or additives irritating his/her skin.
    • I used Pampers Sensitive and then eventually switched to Kirklands wipes from Costco because they do the job and are cost-friendly.
  4. A Portable Sleepersnugglebunnysleeper

    • We used the Fisher Price Snug-a-Bunny sleeper. You can find it at Target or Babies R Us. This is great for when they are really tiny. It is small enough to carry from room to room or take on the go. We used it in the beginning when we wanted him in our room at night. Later, we made the transition to the crib (in the nursery). Here Landon is not strapped in, but it does come with a strap so you can rest easy your baby will not wiggle out.
  5. A bouncy/vibrating chairbouncy-chair

    • Trust me, you want this. This will help keep your baby happy in the days that they aren’t really able to do much. I want to say we used this for at least the first four months. It helped so much because your arms WILL NEED A BREAK. I used to talk, sing, and play with him while he was in his little seat. He loved it!
    • There are some really fancy chairs, you really just need one that vibrates and is safe. The flashing lights and sounds are great but your baby will respond more to the vibration then anything else. The vibration helped soothe Landon when he was colicky.
  6. A baby carriermobywrapbabybjorn

    • When I say this, I mean a Moby wrap or Baby Bjorn. This makes trips so much easier. Having your hands free is so nice when you are at the grocery store. When at a department store, it is also nice to go between isles without worrying about a stroller (its amazing how tight some isles are in department stores; you never notice untill you can’t go down one with a stroller).
    • Infants love to be worn. It makes them feel safe and gives them comfort being so close to mom or dad.
    • If I had to chose one I would chose the Baby Bjorn, hands down. It was just easy. I have been told recently, however, that it may not be good for hip development. So I will have to look into that.
  7. A car seatcar-seat

    • Most important thing is that it is safe. Do not buy a used car seat. You do not know if it has been in an accident or not. If a car seat has been in an accident it may be (and should be considered) defective. If you are ever in an accident (even a fender bender), you should file a claim with insurance and they will replace your car seat. DO NOT GAMBLE with your baby’s safety. We chose to get a travel system, this includes stroller, carrier, and base for the carrier (car seat).
    • When you install your car seat you can take your car to a local fire department and they will verify that it has been installed correctly.
    • The hospital will not let you leave with your baby unless you have a car seat installed.
    • A side note: Children are to be rear-facing until 2 years of age.
  8. A toy for the car

    • This made a huge difference in our travels. We got a simple toy that strapped across the handle to the carrier (that hooked into the base of our car seat). Landon could bat away at the toys and forget that he was by himself in the backseat. You can purchase the one we got here.
  9. A SwaddlePodswaddlepod

    • Our baby would ONLY sleep swaddled. If he got out of his swaddle, he would wake up. Our best, best, best friend EVER in the beginning was the Swaddle Pod. It is so easy and your baby cant wiggle its arms out. They sleep better and you will actually get some sleep. I think Landon loved this because it reminded him of the way he felt in my belly. We were all so sad when he out grew it. They only come in a small sizes. If your swaddling skills are sub-par, buy one of these. They are AWESOME!!
  10. Swaddling/Receiving blankets

    • These are multipurpose. Use them for swaddling, for covering up baby in the car seat, to lay down on a cold changing table, etc.
  11. Baby Einstein Baby Mozart DVD

    • We inherited several Baby Einstein DVDs from another mom and OMG did my baby love the Baby Mozart one. They are actually really good for your baby. They get their minds going and truly fascinate them. This particular one plays classical musical while looping through images of animals, puppets, trains, and all kinds of interesting things for baby to discover. Read more about it here.
  12. Baby bath tubfirstbath

    • For me this was a necessity. I know some people may use a sink to wash their babies, but at my house my sink stays full of dishes. Having a little tub with a sling made the first baths so easy. My little man always loved bath time and I think that part of it was he was so comfy in his tub.
  13. Hooded baby towels & baby wash clothshooded-towels

    • It’s so nice to take your baby out of the tub and have that perfect hooded baby-sized towel to wrap him/her up in. Little baby wash clothes are also so practical and take up such little space to store.
  14. No tears baby shampoo & Mustela

    • This is a given but I had to list it. I love the bedtime bath body wash and lotion. It smells so good. I love lavender and I swear it helps my little man sleep. I use Mustela shampoo because it works great for cradle cap and doesn’t smell bad. It foams up nicely too.
  15. Infant Medications

  • You never know when your little one may get sick but it’s good to be prepared. I suggest keeping a bottle of infant Tylenol, ibuprofen, and gas drops or gripe water on hand. You don’t want your baby to suffer any longer than needed so have medicine on hand to give when needed. Your pediatrician can tell you the correct doses for your babies weight and age. Most often they will have a chart on their website that is easy to access.

Mom’s out there, what are you must-haves when caring for your baby? What products have you found to make life easier?

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