The Best Eyeliner Trio Ever

For Christmas my sister got me an eyeliner kit from bare minerals and I absolutely love it.  I have always been a liquid eyeliner girl and this may just replace what I have been using for YEARS.  It comes with three different kinds of eyeliner: the Lash Domination Ink Liner, the Round the Clock Intense Cream-Glide Eyeliner, and the Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner.  The ink liner works like a pen, no real surprise there, you simply draw on your line, it takes a bit of getting use to and you may have to fill in your ink but its precision is awesome.  The lasting line long-wearing is great for your water line.  I use eye drops regularly because I have dry eyes and I didn’t have any problem with smudging or fading.  The cream-glide eyeliner works great for smudging to give a smokey eye.  I posted a link in case any of you want to check it out.  I seriously love it!  Note:  This is my own opinion and is not a paid endorsement.

Find the kit here!

Goals for everyday

Lately, I have found myself under a lot of stress and I have had trouble managing it.  However, I am pledging to strive to do things that take a little bit of my stress away everyday.

My new goals are really simple things that will help me remember what’s important.  

  1. Find 10 minutes for quiet time everyday.
  2. Live in the moment.  Be present.  Time is priceless.
  3. Make eating healthy an everyday choice.  When you eat better you feel better.  It’s that simple.
  4. Drink more water.  Your body needs water to thrive.
  5. Take care of you.  For you.  For your family and friends.
  6. Give back.  Helping others always brings joy.
  7. Give yourself a break (on occasion) because life is short.

13 products I can’t live without

13 products I can't live without

I think every woman finds themselves buying makeup that they intend on trying out, to end up putting on their “normal” makeup everyday.

I know I do this.  I will experiment with different colors on occasion.  But if I need to look my best I go with what I know will get the job done.  I used to use more expensive makeup but then I realized, I can accomplish the same thing with less expensive makeup.  It’s really all in the application.  My makeup routine is the following:

  1. Cover all my flaws with concealer.  And I won’t lie to you.  I’m heavy-handed when it comes to concealer.  I sometimes will use the concealer that looks like lipstick because it is much faster but doesn’t feel as good on your face.  TIP:  The best foundation application requires a foundation brush, triangle sponge, and a powder brush.
  2. Lay the foundation.  I love the kind above because the shade looks natural (porcelain ivory) and it gives my skin the moisture it needs.
  3. Follow up with loose powder to set the foundation.  If I am looking pale I will add a little bronzer (not shown).
  4. Blush.  TIP:  A little blush goes along way.  Even on the super light makeup days I add a touch of blush.  Finding the right shade of blush was actually the hardest thing for me to find.  If it’s too pink it doesn’t look natural.  Too orange and you look like a clown.  Too brown and you look dirty!
  5. Highlighter eye shadow.
  6. Midtone eye shadow.  Who doesn’t love gold?
  7. Crease eye shadow.  Sometimes I go darker but I try not to go too dark for everyday wear.
  8. Liquid eyeliner.  I love liquid eyeliner!  The line you get with liquid eyeliner is so defined.  I always use it on my top eyelid and often rock the cat-eye or winged look.  I love the old Hollywood makeup vibe.  Once you make the switch from pencil you won’t go back.  TIP:  If you mess up with liquid eyeliner, don’t start all over.  Use concealer to fix a slip of the hand.
  9. Brown pencil eyeliner.  For the bottom lid.  Smudge with a makeup brush for a softer more natural look.
  10. Mascara.  Always use more that one coat.  It will make your eyes stand out.
  11. Lip liner.  Another item that when you start to use it, it’s hard to stop.  It keeps your lips looking great all day and keeps lipstick in place.
  12. This bright hot pink lipstick is so pretty and can be toned-down with a little bit of lip gloss (or chap stick applied over top).
  13. Lip gloss.  Because it automatically makes your lips look kissable.

Products are listed below.  What are some of your favorite products?

My Favorite Burt’s Bees Products

My Favorite Burt's Bees Products

I have been searching for the perfect skin care products that don’t break the bank.  I absolutely adore Burt’s Bees moisturizers.  I take moisturizing seriously, I am getting to that age where combating wrinkles is important.  I use the sensitive skin moisturizer in the mornings and the night cream at night.  The deep pore scrub I only use 1-2 times a week.

The Intense Hydration Night Cream with Clary Sage is one product that now that I have found it, I can not live without it.  Plus Burt’s Bees have the bonus of being composed of 99% natural ingredients.  My skin has never felt better and all of their products have a very pleasant smell.

This post was not sponsored by Burt’s Bees.  It is my own personal opinion.  I LOVE there products!

My Favorite Burt’s Bees Products by honeysucklelace featuring an exfoliating facial cleanser

Burt s Bees face moisturizer
$25 –

Burt s Bees lip care
$6.13 –

Red Door Spa Review: Hydra-quench Remineralizing Body Wrap


I’m a lucky girl.  Recently my husband gave me a gift certificate to Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door Spa.  I was so excited for some pampering.  It took me DAYS to figure out what services to get done.  I decided on a body wrap because I have never had one before and it scared me a little.  I also had a warm cream pedicure which was AMAZING.

The body wrap I chose was the hydra-quench remineralizing body wrap.  It is a body wrap that promises to restore natural balance and to hydrate.  You can read more about it here.  I loved it and was very happy that my esthetician talked me through the process because I really knew very little about the body wrap process.  Let me enlighten y’all on my experience…

  • When I arrived, I was escorted to the locker room and given a fluffy robe and sandals to wear.  They provide lockers to lock your stuff in.  In case you aren’t aware, you are completely naked underneath the robe.
  • After I was in my robe and sandals I went to the relaxation room.  This room was so peaceful.  They have cappuccino, lemon water, cucumber water, and coffee.  I chose the lemon water, grabbed some magazines, and found a comfy spot on the couch surrounded by pillows to relax.  The atmosphere is tranquil and the lights are dim.  There is also biscotti to nibble on.  Waiting for your spa treatment is a small get away.
  • When I was called back my esthetician lead me to my room.  She explained that I would need to put on a paper-thong and shower cap for my service, as well as, take off my robe and lay face up on the table with a blanket over me.  She left for several minutes to let me get situated.
  • The process started by an exfoliation with little tiny micro beads.  They were rubbed all over my body and then wiped off.  While the exfoliation occurs you lay listening to relaxing music and enjoying the warm room.  After the exfoliation, a mask is applied with a massage.  The mask smelled so good.  It had a floral, sweet scent.  Roses meets hydrangeas, with honeysuckle.  If they sold it in a bottle I would definitely buy it.  It was so refreshing.  As the mask is applied, they wrap your body in what feels like plastic wrap, with an outer layer of a solar blanket.  It is comfortable but confined.  It kinda make me feel like I was in a cocoon.  It was really cozy.  I took a little nap while I let all the goodness from the wrap sink in.
  • After the wrap stage, the esthetician will unwrap you and have you take a quick shower.  They supplied lots of towels and new sandals.  They didn’t supply another paper thong so I took it off before the shower and put it back on when I got out.
  • From the shower you get back on the table and get the last finishing touches of the wrap.  The whole process takes about an hour.  I highly recommend it at least once.  My skin felt amazing afterwards and looked great for my trip to Miami a week later.

That pretty much sums up my body wrap experience.  I will definitely get another one at some point.  Probably when my skin is in need for some desperate TLC.  Next time I go I think I will pamper my face.  There is no doubt I’m starting to getting older.  Experiencing the first signs of wrinkles is scary!  What are some of y’alls favorite spa treatments?


5 Tips to Staying Slim


Drink Water

This may seem like a no-brainer, but tons of people everyday consume hundreds of calories from soda or coffees.  All the sugar in soda, creamers, and caramel/chocolate drizzle will pack the pounds on.  If its hard to give up your favorite beverage,  scale back slowly or eliminate the add-ons to your coffee.  If you can’t give the sugary beverages up completely, you will feel much better and may see a few pounds fall off.

Snack when you’re hungry

To many peoples surprise snacking can be really beneficial when trying to watch your figure. Not only does eating smaller meals more frequently keep your metabolism running, it keeps you from binge eating later. When you’re starving you are much more likely to eat every thing in sight and to choose unhealthy options. Of course when you snack it’s best to choose healthy choices like veggies, hummus, fruits, nuts, etc. However, if you want to indulge a little make one of you snacks a treat. There are lots of 100 calorie chocolate-goodness options.

Keep in mind the more sweets you eat the more you crave them. (Something I didn’t really realize until I stopped eating all the treats people brought into the office.) Now it’s easy for me to turn down the donuts, cakes, cookies, brownies, etc. If you work in an office where it seems it is always someone’s birthday; I know how hard it can be.

How do I snack? I keep almonds, pretzels, pistachios, and clementines at my desk in case hunger hits. I portion out everything out (besides the clementines) into snack bags so I don’t accidentally over eat. My favorite snack is red pepper hummus with either pretzels or carrots. I usually keep a banana in my purse. I’m telling you if you search me at any given time I probably have some sort of food on me, lol. Snacking keeps me from getting home after work and eating an entire bag of potato chips that my husband put away. Potato chips are a weakness of mind. They are too damn delicious to be a bunch of empty calories.

Know how many calories you should be consuming daily

Most women only need around 1500 calories a day. Where men need at least 2000 calories. If you are trying to lose weight that number could be as low as 1000 calories a day. My daily goal is 1200 calories a day. Women are at a serious disadvantage when trying to lose weight because every where you go, portion sizes are made for a man. In most restaurants if you were to eat your whole meal it would be easy to consume way more calories than your body needs.

Find fun ways to stay active

Exercise does a body good, really good. But I know, EXERCISE CAN BE SO BORING! Omg, being on an elliptical kills me. Something about not being able to pick up my feet drives me crazy. However, cardio is important for a healthy heart. I have been doing a lot of the classes at my gym because they are so much more fun than watching the timer trickle down on a treadmill or elliptical. My gym offers Latin fusion, step, dance jam, kick boxing, and more to get my heart pumping. The classes are fun and keeps me from skipping out on my workout.

If classes aren’t available to you, dance it out at home. I do this when it’s too cold to go to the gym. I rock out and start grape-vining, box stepping, triplet stepping, and shaking my booty. It’s fun and burns calories. But I do look completely ridiculous doing it and pray my husband doesn’t come downstairs and see me busting my moves. It’s something that only my dog and our sofa should bear witness to!

Make some me time

Me time is important. I know it can be really hard to come by. Especially with babies and grown up responsibilities. Having time to yourself gives you time to relax and let your stress melt away. Keeping stress down keeps cortisol levels down which contributes to belly fat. Stress also can make you stress eat. I know because I have been known to do it. My me time typically includes working out, reading, finding a quiet place and flipping through a magazine, writing, crafting, and taking a bath (try out some of lush’s bath products they are so FAB. You can read one my reviews here).

Beach Body Workout

I have been throwing workouts together and here is one that is sure to get your heart pumping and in the process get you ready for bikini weather.

beach-body-workoutTo do this workout follow the list and go at your own pace.  If you need to do more sets to reach the total number for each exercise, then DO IT.  Make sure to hydrate during your workout and stretch well after it.  Good luck in reaching your fitness goals.

  • 30 jumping jacks
  • 10 push ups
  • 20 calf raises
  • :30 plank
  • 10 short bridges
  • 5 burpees
  • 20 bird dogs
  • 30 Russian twists
  • 10 lunges
  • :30 superman
  • 20 butt kickers (each leg)
  • 30 jumping jacks

Exercise Workout Guide

I have been trying to get back in shape.  I have been doing research to make realistic goals and to have a plan to reach those goals.  The biggest hurdle for me was that when I read what sounded like great workouts, I did not know what some of the exercises meant.  Therefore, I created this workout guide for myself.

Going to the gym with a plan means I am 100% more effective than just showing up and figuring it out.  I am only a week in and I already feel better.  Eating healthy is my biggest challenge ahead of me.  I have always been a water drinker and fairly healthy eater but if my husband brings home a bag of chips it takes a whole lot of will power to keep me away from all the crispy deliciousness.  Hope this guide can help yall when trying to get a workout plan together.  workout-guidePhotos from,,, and  They are great resources for fitness and healthy life style tips.


Review: Lush’s Honey Bee Bath Bomb


Recently, I made a trip to LUSH to try out their bath bomb’s.  I was in the Tyson’s Corner area meeting friends for some always delicious Cheesecake Factory and knew they had a shop in the other Tyson’s (The one you can actually shop in).  I first learned of LUSH when listening to HOT 99.5’s The Kane Show.  Sarah, who is no longer on the show, was raving about their products and I’ve been dying to try

 them out ever since.  This weekend was the perfect time.  It’s been so hectic, the little one is sick again.   When I finally found some me time, I decide to try this out.  A warm relaxing bath would be a nice stress reliever.  OMG, the Honey bee bath bomb made my bath heavenly.


The water was warm and silky smooth.  It felt so good.  I have never been in water that literally felt like silk.  And the smell…I wish I could be back in the bath right now.  Just drop the bath bomb in a tub full of warm water and let the sweet scent revitalize you.  It smells of honey, toffee, and gardenia.  It has aloe in to make your skin soft and Moroccan Rhassoul mud to give your skin a deep cleansing.  It’s truly amazing.  It fizzes and dissolves quickly leaving your bath water an amber color, that will not stain your tub.  I will definitely be purchasing it again.  I also got their sex bomb bath bomb, but have not got to try it out yet.  We’ll see if it can deliver on its promise….


 In case any of you are wondering, LUSH did not pay me to write this post.  This is my own opinion on their product.  I have tried other bath bombs, one from Whole Foods (a vanilla peppermint one at Christmas time) did not come close to what LUSH crafted so well.  I have also found them in other specialty stores but LUSH’s bath bomb was by far the best.  If you are interested in learning more about LUSH’s products or want to buy a honey bee bath bomb for yourself click here.  When I purchased mine, I paid $6.45.  I do not know if their prices are always the same or not.  I would highly recommend this product.  I also have fairly sensitive skin which this did not bother.


How to color your hair at home

Today, I am getting highlights which got me thinking about my hair color obsession. Full color, highlights, lowlights-I’ve done it all.  I have also had some scary occurrences (which all happened at a salon). One was so bad it took 7 hours and multiple salons to get my hair close to livable again. I have even been brave enough to color at home. I’m a big fan on using semi-permanent hair color to get that slightly darker look for the winter months.
If you are brave enough to do your hair at home, here are some pointers I learned along the way:

  1. Use semi-permanent hair color.This way you can see how much you like it before you color your hair permanently. If you don’t like the color you get with semi-permanent, you can use clarifying shampoo to wash it out. My favorite is Clairol’s Natural Instincts collection.
  2. Get help.  I always recruit my husband -who-hates-it- but I give him the whole this is saving us money speech. This will help to not make a huge mess and to make sure all parts of your hair are covered.
  3. Apply moisturizer or lotion to your face and neck before you start.This prevents color from staining these areas.
  4. Protect your clothes, by NOT wearing any.DOES A ROBE COUNT? You are going to have to get in the shower after your color is applied or wash your hair in a sink.
    I have found the easiest way to do this is to use an old cap-n-gown (they zip up and down so no having to pull anything over your head). Just upzip when you are ready to rinse your hair in the shower.
  5. Use a drop cloth or color your hair in an area that you aren’t afraid if you drop some dye. Hair dye stains if you don’t wipe it away quickly. I have used an old bed skirt as a drop cloth if you don’t have one handy.
  6. If you have long, full hair, you are going to need more than 1 box. I suggest buying 3 boxes of hair color. Save your receipt, if you don’t use them all you can return the extra boxes.
  7. Do not use the color touch up that some kits come with (to use a week after coloring). It’s NOT the same color as your hair dye! It’s usually a toner that adds red tones to your hair, which may not be the look you are going for. Once red is in your hair it is very difficult to get out.
  8. If you are going lighter than your current hair color, go to a salon.Seriously, don’t try to go blonde by yourself. You do not want to have pumpkin hair or to damage it!