DIY Valentine Sweethearts

This year for my daughter’s classroom valentines we decided to make little conversation sweethearts inspired by the candy.  For this craft all I needed was a few sheets of pink card stock and my cricut.  If you don’t have a cricut this craft can easily be accomplished with scissors, a stencil if you want perfect lettering, and markers.  Each heart is about 3 inches wide.  Perfect for the little ones.

How to Make a Gift Extra Special


I love giving gifts.  However, on occasion my gifts may get to their destination a little late.  I like to blame this delay on motherhood and the fact that even if you plan ahead, well, more than likely your plans will get scrapped.  Therefore, I like to make sure if my gift is going to be late that it has a little something special.

The gift above was for my twin sister and since I couldn’t be there for our birthday I wanted to make sure she at least had a chance to make a wish and treat herself to something sweet.  I made her a special cupcake topper for her cupcake.  That way when she Instagram’s her deliciously sweet treat it is Instagram-worthy.

This was my way to make her gift special.  Other ways to do this could be to add quotes or lyrics on slips of pretty paper to the packing material or to decorate your own wrapping paper (think white wrapping paper with your own art).  If you aren’t artsy, you could add the person’s favorite candies to the gift bag or throw in a $10 itunes card if they are into music.  It’s all about determining what will put a smile on his/her face.  You could even find a way to throw and inside joke inside of a card or a random fact that they would find interesting. I remember when I was pregnant someone left me a clipping that let me know that pregnant women could urinate in public without the fear of breaking the law.  Will I ever really need to know that?  Probably not but it made me smile.  At an old job, if someone shouted out ‘peanut butter’ then the whole section would burst out into giggles (don’t ask why, we were an interesting group).  This meant if someone was having a rough day it was not uncommon for them to receive and email with peanut butter pictures or a survey if crunchy or smooth peanut butter is better.

Anyway the bottom line is be creative.  Think about something unique to them and try it into your gift.  The little things sometime matter the most!

Happy gifting!


DIY: Cupcake Topper/Favor Tag Tutorial

Alright, I promised another tutorial on cupcake toppers.  The original tutorial showed how to take anything a book, printed paper cup, etc. and make it into a cupcake topper.  You can check out that tutorial here.

For the cupcake toppers I made at Landon’s Second birthday party, the process is quite simple for the construction part.  Designing them on the computer in photoshop is a whole another story.  If you want to skip the hard part, I sell digital download/printable cupcake toppers at my Etsy shop: HoneysuckleAndLace.

Here is a refresher of what his pirate themed birthday party cupcake toppers looked like:



Alright and on to the how-to part….

  1. After designing my cupcake toppers I printed them out of card stock.  When I designed them I kept in mind how big my craft circle punch cutters were.  I used two different sized circle punches: 2 inch and 1.5 inch.  I used two different sized so I could have a 3-D or layered cupcake topper.  Below the chevron paper was used for the background and the round circles the front of the cupcake topper.cupcake-topper-tutorial-1
  2. Punch out your circles.cupcake-topper-tutorial-2
  3. Build your topper.  This is where I first attached foam (to make the topper layered) to the back of smaller circle.  Then I attached the front circle to the background circle using a glue dot (Glue dots not pictured below).  There are also glue dots that are made like double-sided tape which would have been great for this project but I didn’t have any on hand.  cupcake-topper-tutorial-3
  4. Attach toothpick or lollipop stick and backer.  I used tape to secure the toothpick and a glue dot to attach a white backer (2 inch circle)  to the back so the tooth pick wasn’t visible.  You do not have to put a backer on but I had time and enough card stock to do it, so I did.cupcake-topper-tutorial-4 cupcake-topper-tutorial-5

If you were making a Favor Tag:

  1. Punch out circle.
  2. Punch a hole for ribbon or twine by using an old-fashion 1 hole-punch.
  3. Thread ribbon of twine through tag and attach it favor bag.

That’s all Folks!  Thanks for stopping by!


Landon’s Second Birthday Party

This year Landon’s Birthday fell during a very crazy time for us.  There was sand soccer and one of my best friend’s wedding, where I happened to be a bridesmaid (post to come soon!).  Therefore, we kept Landon’s birthday party simple.  I asked myself the question, “If Landon could pick his birthday party theme what would HE choose?”  Not what theme do I think is adorable.  Then the answer became clear.  Anything that has to do with water.  What kid doesn’t enjoy water playtime in the summer?  I know for me and my twin sister, Nina, every birthday for us in elementary school included a water balloon fight!

With that decided, I just needed a few things to make his party work…friends, food, cupcakes, and a toddler pool!

To get all our friends there and to give it a special touch, I made his invitations from scratch.  I really hadn’t nailed down his party theme at that point so this is what I came up with:


Some of the other details were:

Landon’s Smash Cake (this is before I piped the frosting around the bottom).  Which Landon chose to not smash because he loved his new toys so much he couldn’t spare time for cake!

Landon's-smash-cakeCupcakes with Handmade Cupcake Toppers (how to coming soon).  You can also check out this post to get a general idea here.



Balloon Backdrop (as you can see the party started going in the pirate theme direction).  you can learn how to make one here.



We also got photo props for the balloon backdrop, but somehow we didn’t manage to get any pictures with the props!

The Jungle/Dino Pool

The kids just wanted to be in the water all day!  But who can blame them with a get-up like below.  I swear Landon kept walking us to the back door for days to get into his Jungle themed adventure pool.  This pool was awesome because water came out of the volcano and palm tree.  Also the dinosaur had balls you could toss in his mouth and then they would float in the pool.



The Birthday Boy!!



The Star Wars Lightsaber

Pretty cool toy, right.  He will not put it down.  And let’s just say this lets him let-out all that boy energy!


And you can’t go wrong with an Avenger’s Tent with a crawl tunnel!



Well those are the highlights!  We had so much fun and really enjoyed spending the time outside.  An extra bonus is the house stayed clean since we were outside most of the day!  I cannot believe he is already two!  Where does the time go?



DIY: Fabric Headboard


A picture tutorial (Materials and directions at bottom)



fhb2 fhb3






  • Plywood
  • Staple Gun
  • Staples
  • Tape Measure
  • Protractor
  • Quilt Batting, 2 bags
  • Polyfill, 2-4 bags
  • Fabric
  • Jigsaw
  • Pencil


  1. Cut your wood to size or have them cut it for you when you buy it. We made a king size headboard. It was 76″ wide and 31″ tall.
  2. Cover wood with batting and staple to secure.
  3. Cover with polyfill
  4. Sandwich the polyfill with the fabric. We actually sandwiched the polyfill with a layer of batting, before placing the fabric on top.
  5. Staple to secure.
  6. Adjust padding and secure as you go. Trim excess fabric and batting. The fabric that we used was actually from a shower curtain.
  7. Add mounting hardware and hang your headboard.

DIY: Balloon Clouds


Balloon clouds are another really EASY way to add COLOR to your party decorations.  When you add some streamers to them, you have a party-perfect backdrop!  So easy and fabulous!

Each balloon cloud contains 9 balloons of approximately the same size.  The trick is making them group together in a “cloud.”  To do this, after the balloons are blown up, take a zip tie (that you may use to close a trash bag) and thread it through the end of the balloons where you tied them off.  Zip-tie the ring of balloons together and voila! You now have a balloon cloud with a ring to help with hanging.  When I hung the balloon clouds I used dental floss because it’s so thin (and you barely can see in when hung).

Another perk to this party decoration is it’s really inexpensive to do.  Who doesn’t LOVE that?

Easy Mickey Mouse Party Hats




  • Dollar store party hats
  • Black construction paper or card stock
  • Glue dots
  • Toothpicks
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • A can to use as a stencil

The beauty of this is, it’s the easiest thing, ever, to do and kids LOVE THEM! To make these mickey mouse party hats, all I did was add the ears to dollar store party hats. You gotta love that it costs like nothing to make too! For the ears…

  1. Cut out black circles on card stock or construction paper. I was able to use construction paper because of the toothpick later on. However, card stock is much more sturdy. You will need 2-4 circles for each hat (depending on if you care if the back is exposed) I used the bottom of an almond can as a stencil for my circles.
  2. Attach ears to toothpicks, as seen in picture below, with a glue dot. The glue dot should be almost an inch from the edge of the circle. Place toothpicks into the glue dots, making sure you leave enough toothpick to extended over the dot for support.
  3. If you want to cover up your handy work, use a glue dot to secure another black circle on top of the exposed toothpick. (This makes a back.)
  4. Stick ears into hat, the beauty of this is that the toothpicks aren’t long enough to stick the person wearing the hat, BUT they are long enough to make the ears hold.


DONE! Fun mickey mouse party hats! Was that easy of what? The kids could even help!

Landon’s First Birthday

This post is a week late!  I blame Game of Thrones (the book not the TV series)!  Here is my cutie pie’s first birthday party in pictures!  I will add some tutorials later for the hats, balloon clouds, and how to get sprinkles to stick perfectly to the side of your cake.  The Mickey Mouse theme was so much fun!  (Ignore cookie monster, he was a gift that didn’t need to be wrapped, so he kinda crashed the mickey mouse party!)


lbday6lbday1 lbday2 lbday3 lbday4

lbday7 lbday8


lbday9 lbday10 lbday11 lbday12


Landon smashing his cake was adorable!  He didn’t know what to do at first.  It’s funny, I tried to take it away and he TOTALLY freaked!  Everyone was like, “he’ll let you know when he’s done.”  They were right!  I wish I would have gotten in on tape!



How to make cupcake toppers


Cupcake toppers are an easy way to dress up any cupcake. Anyone can simply stick a toothpick in a cupcake. However, it is not always easy to find cupcake toppers that fit your design or theme needs. I am throwing a mickey themed birthday party very soon for my little munchkin and don’t have a lot of time, the day of, to decorate cupcakes. My solution: CUPCAKE TOPPERS! They can be made ahead of time and literally take seconds to place into a cupcake. Here is all the info you need to make them yourself….

  1. Grab your supplies. You can see that I re-use all of the same materials over-and-over. Similar supplies was used in this tutorial.cupcaketoppersupplies
  2. Deconstruct cups. The images I wanted happened to be on a cup. These could be printed off the computer on card stock or punched out of an old book. Wherever you find the images you want.cupcaketoppers6cupcaketoppers7
  3. Punch out the images you want. I used a 1 inch scalloped paper puncher I got from Michaels. They have so many different designs it’s insane!cupcaketoppers8
  4. Punch out colorful backs for your cupcake toppers. (This will hide the toothpick and add more color.)cupcaketoppers9


  5. Place a glue dot on the back of the image. It should be placed in the top center.cupcaketoppers3 cupcaketoppers5
  6. Sandwich the glue dot, with the cutout for the back. Press firmly so it held together well.cupcaketoppers-front cupcaketoppers-back
  7. Slide the tooth pick in the bottom (this part will still be open). And you’re DONE!!!cupcaketoppers1

The easiest of crafts and quick! What are your tips for decorating cupcakes or cakes quickly?

How to make a pennat flag banner

My little man is turning one very soon, so it gave me an excuse to craft. I love doing anything creative, and this was so easy. Flag banners are so cute and fun. They are extremely versatile, as well. You can use them at wedding showers, baby showers, birthday parties, carnival events, etc. I used card stock for the flags, but you can use fabric or scrapbook paper. I also used ribbon to connect each flag, but you can use twine, jute cord, or whatever inspires you.


My supplies:

  • Multicolored cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue dots
  • Peel and stick letters
  • Yarn needle
  • Ribbon (not pictured)
  • Hole punch (not pictured)


  1. Determine how big you want your flags to be. I decided to go with a 5 inch base because I did not want my letters to look tiny.
  2. To make the actual flag stencil:
    1. Use a ruler to draw a 5 inch base.
    2. In the center of the 5 inch line, draw a line perpendicular to the base (to where the point of the triangle would be).
    3. Use a ruler to connect the two points on each side.
    4. Cut out the triangle.
    5. Viola, you now have your stencil.
  3. Use the stencil to trace triangles on your sheets of card-stock or scrapbook paper.trace
  4. Cut out triangles.
  5. Once you have your flags, place letters on each flag. I used peel and stick letters to save time. If some of the sticky was lacking, I added a glue dot to secure the flag.
  6. Preview how it looks before you get ready to string your flags. When I looked at this, I decided that the P’s in happy, colors, should be switched. Neon green on yellow is hard to read. I also decided to have a flag in the middle of the words to act as a space. I’m debating putting a Mickey cutout on the “space” flag, since he’s having a Mickey themed birthday party. Haven’t decided yet….step-3
  7. Once the flags are to your liking, punch holes in the top, so they can be strung. I decided to do two holes on each flag. I didn’t worry about the spacing between holes being perfect. I wanted the banner to look homemade.  To me, homemade equals made with love.  I also didn’t have a single hole punch, so I used a three hole punch.
  8. Once you have your holes punch, string your flags. I used Happy Birthday ribbon and a yarn needle to help the threading. Keep in mind when stringing to always thread the flags the same way. I threaded from back to front because I wanted the ribbon to show.
  9. After your flags are all on, adjust any spacing, and you are done! So easy and fun!