Book Review: Wildfire (The Fire Series)

Sophie is in a world of trouble. Her attraction to dangerous men may cost her everything, if it hasn’t already. With a husband meaner that the devil himself and a new stranger that may or may not be there to kill her or at a minimum be there to toy with her as a willing participant in one of Archer’s games, Sophie is on high alert. Could this man be the beginning of her new life? Should she hope? Or should she be ready to suffer more abuse? Is she strong enough to carry out her long ago assigned mission? Will she fail again to kill Archer?

This book is one that is difficult to put down. One thing I love the about this author is that the drama keeps coming. There is always some sort of conflict that keeps you wanting to keeps you reading on and on. This book is filled with suspense and mystery with flash of dangerous romance, Anne Stuart has done it again!

DIY Valentine Sweethearts

This year for my daughter’s classroom valentines we decided to make little conversation sweethearts inspired by the candy.  For this craft all I needed was a few sheets of pink card stock and my cricut.  If you don’t have a cricut this craft can easily be accomplished with scissors, a stencil if you want perfect lettering, and markers.  Each heart is about 3 inches wide.  Perfect for the little ones.

The Best Eyeliner Trio Ever

For Christmas my sister got me an eyeliner kit from bare minerals and I absolutely love it.  I have always been a liquid eyeliner girl and this may just replace what I have been using for YEARS.  It comes with three different kinds of eyeliner: the Lash Domination Ink Liner, the Round the Clock Intense Cream-Glide Eyeliner, and the Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner.  The ink liner works like a pen, no real surprise there, you simply draw on your line, it takes a bit of getting use to and you may have to fill in your ink but its precision is awesome.  The lasting line long-wearing is great for your water line.  I use eye drops regularly because I have dry eyes and I didn’t have any problem with smudging or fading.  The cream-glide eyeliner works great for smudging to give a smokey eye.  I posted a link in case any of you want to check it out.  I seriously love it!  Note:  This is my own opinion and is not a paid endorsement.

Find the kit here!

Goals for everyday

Lately, I have found myself under a lot of stress and I have had trouble managing it.  However, I am pledging to strive to do things that take a little bit of my stress away everyday.

My new goals are really simple things that will help me remember what’s important.  

  1. Find 10 minutes for quiet time everyday.
  2. Live in the moment.  Be present.  Time is priceless.
  3. Make eating healthy an everyday choice.  When you eat better you feel better.  It’s that simple.
  4. Drink more water.  Your body needs water to thrive.
  5. Take care of you.  For you.  For your family and friends.
  6. Give back.  Helping others always brings joy.
  7. Give yourself a break (on occasion) because life is short.

Book Review: Consumed by Fire

I recently started reading the Fire series by Anne Stuart.  The first book of the series is Consumed by Fire.  I loved it!  I would call it a romantic thriller.  It keeps you in suspense page after page and is a quick weekend read.  The book draws you in when Evangeline finds herself in the middle of a “hit.”  Of course she doesn’t realize what’s going on and she gets swept away by the charm and sheer good looks of the man involved in the hit.  Next thing she knows, she’s married and has been robbed by her new husband.  Years later she has moved on and thinks her world is safe but man is she wrong!  This book is packed with action and has danger lurking around each corner.  This book will satisfy your romantic side but isn’t all hearts and rainbows.

Maternity Leave Watch List

Let’s face it newborns are cute but they are incredibly boring.  Here is a list of shows that got me through when I was craving adult interaction.  It also helped for the times when all you REALLY have to pee but you don’t want to risk putting down your sweet angel because nobody should wake a sleeping baby.  (I have stared the ones that you cannot watch around children, newborns sure they can’t see further that 10 inches from their face.)

  1. Game of Thrones*
  2. Parenthood
  3. How to Get Away With Murder*
  4. Glee
  5. Breaking Bad*
  6. Dexter*
  7. Married at First Sight
  8. Grey’s Anatomy
  9. Odd Mom Out
  10. Gossip Girl
  11. Lost
  12. Friends

Ergobaby carrier review

ergobaby carrier
Ergo baby Original Carrier

I got the ergobaby carrier as a gift at a baby shower.  I was happy because I knew that wearing a baby can be super useful to be able to get things done and have your hands free when you have a little one.  With my son my hubby and I had used a Baby Bjorne and a Moby Wrap. We liked the baby Bjorne because it was easy to put on.  At the time I didn’t even know than the ergobaby carrier existed.

The Moby Wrap we didn’t like because it took awhile to get a hang of how to tie it.  Plus you can’t really prevent the wrap dragging the floor when you tie it which just bothered me because it felt like it was getting dirty and then that fabric was touching baby.

Picture below for comparison purposes.  I have not reviewed the Baby Bjorne but we do like it and it was our go to for our son.

Original Baby Bjorne
Original Baby Bjorne


I say all that to be able to really review the ergobaby carrier.

I really like the way it looks.  It has more style.  Also the padding makes it really comfortable to wear.  It also has a little fabric flap that can be used to cover the babies head.  The fabric snaps in place and can be used to protect the babies head from the sun or to block the babies view of bright lights/distractions when in the carrier.

I dislike the instructions.  They are just a series of pictures that my husband and I could not figure out.  Luckily there was a video on YouTube that we could watch.  It took a couple views but then we got the hang of it.  Also, for anyone that has limited range of motion (I have limited range from a shoulder surgery) it can be hard to hook the back buckle by yourself. I had to really adjust and loosen the straps so that I could actually wear it.

The biggest disappointment was that if you purchase the carrier in order to use it with an infant you have to purchase an infant insert which is pretty pricey after also purchasing the carrier itself.  I wish the insert came with the carrier.  Also it just was a pain to want to use it and discover that you need another piece to use it.  The insert is only needed for babies under 12 lbs or under four months.  There is more specific guidelines on when to use the insert provided in the instructions.

Ergo Baby infant insert
Ergo Baby infant insert

We wanted to be able to use the carrier way sooner than four months so we did purchase the insert.  We chose the mesh insert because our baby gets sweaty easily.

With all that said…

We LOVE it!  Including baby!  Money well spent!

Serious my little one loves it.  She is a little over one month old and she usually falls asleep in it within minutes of wearing it.  She falls asleep in the Baby Bjorne too however I can sit down with her because her legs are out and she knows.  With the ergo her legs are held tight (frog-like to your body) and are inside the carrier so she doesn’t know and after a while I can sit down and relax while she sleeps.  I don’t have to explain to any parent how much that little bit of time to recoup is worth.  We will use the both of our carriers but while our little one is small we will probably use the ergo more.

Disclaimer: I was not solicited to write this review.  This is this mama’s honest opinion.

Dish Diaster

After desperately needing clean silverware, I loaded up the dishwasher and even went the extra mile to make sure it had rinse-aid.

Four hours later.

Open the dishwasher and grab a fork so I can eat a meal to discover that I never told the dishwasher to actually run.

I blame wonder weeks!

If you don’t know about wonder weeks it’s the time periods when your baby goes through big developmental milestones. This equals cranky babies that don’t sleep, eat, or play well.

Postpartum: Healing after a second degree tear

So you have had your little one and your labor and delivery was a little rougher than anticipated and you’re looking for more information on something that mom’s never tell you about…the less that glamorous recovery period after-birth.

First off I am not a doctor so this is just my experience after a very quick active phase of labor about 35 mins and baby E made her way into the world.  My birth was all natural which was semi-intentional.  It that, all natural was part of my birth plan – however when shit got real and the pain hit all at once…I was totally asking for drugs but wouldn’t give it to me because it was too late my baby was here.

Needless to say from the title of my posts…the quick labor did a number on me.  I had a second degree tear and something else the OB used a word that is unknown to me and I was too scared and tired to ask.  It took close to an hour to stitch me up and I would say I was in the 20+ stitches range.

I never thought that my birth would be quite like it was.  Second baby and I was still surprised.  Luckily, before birth I did prepare myself for some damage by buying the following items listed below (moms who were brave enough to share there stories swore by them).

Things purchased pre-baby and yes this really hurt on the inside to buy them but luckily everything was available on Amazon.

  1. A big pack of depends
  2. Tucks pads
  3. Mama’s bottom spray
  4. Dermaplast
  5. Maxi pads aka thunderpads
  6. Perineal ice packs
  7. Stool softners

The hospital should supply you with the following:

  1. A squirt bottle (However after I got home I ordered a 3-pack off Amazon because having to fill the bottle up constantly before I could pee while my baby was crying to be fed was no bueno)
  2. Perineal ice packs (take the ones from the hospital but if you have a significant tear you will want more – I honestly had to order them more than once as my recovery was rough
  3. Mesh panties
  4. Thunder pads
  5. A Sitz bath
  6. Demaplast (depends on hospital – mine gave it to me but I took a bottle to the hospital just in case)

Also note if they offer you something after delivery for pain take it!  They offered me 600mg ibuprofen and regular Tylenol that I took around the clock (I took it around the clock for at least 3 weeks).  Believe me you don’t want the pain catching up to you. Technically the hospital offered me Tylenol-3 but that’s not my scene so….

So the reason I’m writing this is that hospitals tend to not tell you a whole lot about what to expect when you get home or what is normal for recovery.  They said something like if you bleed more than quarter size clots or run a fever you should come in…great super helpful…NOT!

So here is what I experienced along with a lot of ladies on baby center…and yes everyone is different so if you heal faster that’s awesome.  I’m happy for you but really jealous to where we almost can’t be friends.

Recovery Timeline

At the hospital

At the hospital I thought I can get up and move around this is great.  I had a c-section with my first baby so just being able to get up and go to the bathroom fairly easily was a real win the first day.  I used my squirt bottle and remember thinking how can I pee out this much fluid.  Like really how can I still look this pregnant if I peed out so much fluid?  Did I really gain that much fat?

1-3 weeks

The first week being at home was interesting.  I was scared to poop as so many moms are.  However, since I took the stool softeners as advised by the hospital and moms out there everywhere it really wasn’t bad. What was bad was missing my dose of ibuprofen and realizing it mid-pee when it hurt real bad.  The first week is a blur between my nipples hurting/bleeding from breast feeding, my boobs being so engorged that I looked like Dolly, and wishing that I had a doughnut pillow to sit on.  Getting up and down from the sofa was super uncomfortable in my nether region.

At 2 weeks I thought…why am I STILL walking around like a sumo wrestler?  Why do steps suck?  Why does my toddler want me to pick him up…I just can’t my lady parts can’t handle it?  Why do my stitches feel exactly the same? Is any healing happening?  Why is sitting down and standing up so hard?  Am I bleeding too much?  I actually called the OB about this after reading about postpartum hemorrhaging.  I was told if it gets any worse or it doesn’t stop in the next couple of days come in/we will schedule a ultrasound.

3.5-8 weeks

At 3.5 weeks I felt better and my bleeding slowed down to where I could fall asleep and not fear I was going to wake up to me bleeding out somewhere.  Thank goodness!  Things finally started to feel better.  I didn’t have to walk like a sumo wrestler and some of my stitches felt like they had healed.  However, all of my stitches had not healed and I still needed to take ibuprofen for the pain.  Sitting was easier but occasionally I would feel like my stitches were being pulled.

4-5 weeks out I still felt the same as I did at 3.5 weeks.  At 6 weeks I felt sore sometimes when I walked but it wasn’t bad.

At my postpartum appointment (6 weeks) the OB said for the most part I had healed (no more stitches) but I still needed to wait 2 weeks to be back to normal.  Which translated to you can work out, take a bath, but you need to wait for hubby time.  I was also told that breastfeeding can make things take longer to heal because your body is focusing on making milk.

All in all if I had another baby I would still go the VBAC/no meds route.



One night I all of a sudden felt like I was going to get sick and started sweating profusely.  My stomach was hurting and I knew if I didn’t lay down I was going to be hugging the toilet.  When think about what could be wrong I could only think of two things…food poisoning or I had double dosed when I took my 600mg ibuprofen.

No one else was sick and we had all ate the same meals.  After thinking about it, I realized the most likely scenario was that I took my medicine at 8 & 9pm as the stomach pains/nausea started soon after what would have been my second dose.

This is very likely because at some point durning the early newborn stage I caught myself about to take 1200mg of ibuprofen.  In my sleepy state I was mixing up the dosage for Tylenol and ibuprofen.