Exploring Seattle

Recently we went to Seattle, WA to visit my twin sister and her hubby!  We had the best time.  Washington is a beautiful state and Seattle has a lot to offer.  Only negative was going from Texas where its warm to Seattle where its warm is not the same thing.  I froze half the time but hey it could have been worse right.  Also I did not realize that in Washington most houses to do not have air conditioning.  This was new to me as I have never lived in a house without it.  It was definitely something to get use to.

While we were there we visited and I recommend doing all these things:

  • A natural park that had a pebble beach and lots of trails to hike.
  • The Great Wolf Lodge (to celebrate my son’s birthday – his auntie really spoils him)
  • Pike’s Market
  • Ride the Ducks Land and Water Tour
  • The Space Needle

Some pictures I captured are below.

At the airport. Note: check your tickets to see if you have been pre-TSA approved. We were for our flight to Seattle but didn’t even realize it!
Toddler obsessed with airplanes at the airport = easy babysitting.
My son’s first plane ride. He loved it! I was so worried for nothing!
What will be waiting for you if you select the birthday package at Great Wolf Lodge.
Birthday Wolf Ears at Great Wolf Lodge
The birthday package comes with a cake and tokens loaded on a card to spend at the arcade.


Great Wolf Lodge has a HUGE arcade. My son loved this ice cream truck!
His favorite thing at the arcade and he was really really serious putting the tickets into the ticket counter. I have never seen him work so hard.
The legendary Pike’s Market. I actually explored it but had a really hard time due to the fish and my morning sickness. The smell just didn’t quite work for me – pregnant.
Probably the funnest way to explore Seattle and to learn about it’s history. Ride the Ducks Tour!
L and Daddy with their Quackers!
Me, my sis, and L
The view from the Space Needle.

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