Can you hear me now?


This embarrassing moment is pretty gross, so advert your eyes if you aren’t ready for what I am about to tell you.  This all started when my allergies went CRAZY leaving me with a sinus and ear infection.

For weeks, I have not been able to hear out of my left ear.  I have taken antibiotics TWICE (weeks apart) and my hearing hasn’t improved.  I finally went to an ENT specialist.  The conclusion: I had fluid in my ears that wouldn’t dry up.  (SUPER GROSS, I know!)  In order to hear, the fluid needed to be drained from my ear.  So I decided to have a minor in office surgery done, called a myringotomy.  A myringtomy is a medical procedure where they cut a small hole in the eardrum and use a vacuum to suck fluid out.  The procedure went great.  It was super weird and made me dizzy, but it worked.  I could instantly hear better.  I wasn’t back to 100% but it was better than it had been in weeks.

After the procedure, the doctor told me what medications I would need and wrote me some prescriptions.  He also put some drops in my ear and packed it with cotton.  After that I was off to fill my prescriptions.

When I was driving to get my medications my hearing was going in and out, so I decided to take the cotton out of my ear to fully test my hearing.  THIS WAS A MISTAKE.  When I took the cotton out it was saturated from the drops but I didn’t think much of it.  

So I arrive at my local grocery store and learn it will be 15 minutes to get my prescriptions filled.  I fill all my prescriptions there since I can grocery shop while I wait.  While I’m browsing the aisles, a moment of horror hits.  I can feel liquid dripping from my ear.  Gross, thick yellowy fluid is running out of my ear.  Of course the grocery store is packed and my stash of tissues in my purse is gone.  (Thanks to my lovely allergies).  I had nothing to wipe it away with.

I was mortified.  After having a small panic attack and what felt like several pain-stakingly long minutes I remembered that there were tissues at the pharmacy counter.  

This felt like the equivalent of having food in your teeth at a meeting.  Luckily (I think?) it was only strangers that saw me walking around looking like a mess.

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