Revisiting the Classics: To Kill a Mockingbird

to kill a mockingbird

We all had to read in high school and I appreciated it then but rereading it made me realize why this book is worthy of a Pulitzer Prize.  I remember after high school catching To Kill a Mockingbird references in unexpected places and being glad that I had taken the time to read it.  What are some of those unexpected references?  In Mr. Deeds there are several references to To Kill a Mockingbird, from falling out of Boo Radley’s apple tree, to the names Mr./Mrs. Finch/Atticus, to a statement a character says “It’s not right! It’s not right!”

What I love about it is that it is from an eight year old girl’s perspective, and not some prissy little girl who is afraid to get dirty.  Instead, it is a spunky little girl who would fight you in a minute (if her daddy wasn’t looking) and one that prefers trousers to a poofy-tulle-filled dress.  Scout is by far my favorite character.  This book just really touches on how innocent children are and that prejudice isn’t something children are born with.  The book makes me think about morals and how I would respond to my child if they asked me the say questions that Scout asks Atticus.  In general, I love Atticus as a father figure and I think that the Finch family dynamic is what makes this book so lovable.  I highly recommend this book to anyone that has not read it and a reread to anyone that has.

Courage.  Family.  Honor.  Curiosity.  Prejudice.  Ignorance.  Loss.

This book covers them all.

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