Reverse Wednesday

This is one of those things that I believe most anyone could manage to do. Well at least I hope so. It kind of surprises me how this did occur. I write it off as I was really tired and sort of busy that morning but who knows. I did manage to pass several mirrors and never notice what would be the talk of my coworkers later that day….

What am I talking about? Well I’ll tell ya.

I walked around all day a few Wednesdays ago with my shirt inside out. Luckily for me, my jacket was on the majority of the day. So I’m pretty sure while the jacket was on, no one was aware that I apparently have problems dressing myself.

My wardrobe malfunction was discovered by the same coworker that saw my size sticker on my cardigan a while back. While she was helping me with a project I decided to take my jacket off because I was hot. Yup, that’s when my little secret, even to myself, was out. My lovely coworker looked at me and politely told me that she believed my shirt was on inside out as she could see a tag at the side seam of my shirt AND one by my collar! For the time I was at my desk, everyone around had heard our exchange, so I left my jacket off till I cooled off. I told my coworker the next time I went to the restroom I would flip my shirt inside out or outside in, whichever would right it.

What is sad, however…is that I went to the restroom multiple times that day and NEVER did remember to fix my shirt. At some point I got cold and had put my jacket back on which means most people weren’t privileged to the fact that I dressed myself like a toddler.

It still surprises me at how much I was embarrassed, yet I never corrected the problem. I guess I was really wrapped up in work that day!

I am giving myself the challenge of not having anymore wardrobe issues while at work. One would think that this would be an easy think to do. But I can never be so sure now!

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