8 Things Parents do out of LOVE


It is truly amazing how much a parent can love their child.  Parents know (or quickly find out) that you can’t be that tiny-bit-selfish-person that you were before you had kids.  This sort of validates every parents statement that their child has made them a better person.  With that said, there are some terrible, awful, disguising things that parents do because they love there child. I’m not sure it technically makes them a better person, but it does make them a wonderful parent. Read on for what parents will do for their child out of LOVE.

  1. Pull poop out of their child’s butt when they’re constipated.  It’s so unbelievably gross.  You have no idea.  But when your child is bent over and crying, you will do what it takes to make them better.
  2. Deal with snot.  Lots and lots of it.  Suctioning out mucus is stomach-wrenching.  The sound it makes. And occasionally you may have to pick boogers out of your child’s nose that are stuck.  Somehow wiping kids noses with tissues and baby wipes will not free every stubborn dried booger.  Again this makes me cringe all over.  By all means try a warm washcloth first.  But some times you have to pick it.  That’s real love folks.  Almost too real.
  3. Eat something that their child has already drooled on, dropped on the floor, or drank out of because they were being good and sharing.  

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  4. Stay up all night singing, snuggling, reading, walking around, or watching movies because their child can’t/won’t sleep.
  5. Let their child watch TV when their favorite show or movie is on.
  6. Miss social functions because they don’t trust anyone to care for their child.
  7. Feed their child first, when they are starving.  Like can-barely-function-starving, and their child is eating at a snail’s pace.
  8. Research child products for hours because they heard that something “may be bad” or have a recall.

There are so many more things that could go on this list.  What are some things that you do as a parent out of love?

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