Super hero or super exposed

The other weekend we went to a 1 year old, super hero birthday party.  The birthday boy was the son of my husband’s boss.  I had never met this boss so I was a little nervous, going in to everything.  Will I have people to talk to?  Will everyone be dressed up?  Crap.  I don’t have anything super hero for me or Landon!  We ended up settling for this batman outfit.  He’s cute in it, but it’s not really a super hero costume.

batmanSo we got there and everything was going well.  The people were friendly.  L turned out to have one of the best outfits.  (Let’s just say the other kids weren’t very festive.)  And they had yummy food and snacks.  My embarrassment came in to play when the kids decided to play “pin the batman emblem on batman”.  All the parents were distracted with the game, when I saw the birthday boy crawling away for a bunch of not-baby-friendly stuff on a set of book shelves.   It looked like nick-knacks of some sort, small enough for a baby to choke on.  Since, I was the only one that noticed I scooped up the birthday boy and started playing and talking to him.  The Dad (who is M’s boss) walked over and talked to me for a couple of minutes and had this weird look on his face and insisted on taking back his son.  I couldn’t figure out why, he was giggling and happy.  It was fun holding a smaller baby the difference in weight was amazing and he is only a two months younger than L.  I insisted that I didn’t mind holding the little guy, but could tell the dad wanted him back.  After I handed him over I realized, why he wanted him back.  The little guy had pulled down my tank top to where a good portion of my girls and bra was exposed.  I guess I was too caught up in cute-little-baby to notice.  I quickly shifted my shirt back into its proper place. I felt like an idiot because I’m pretty sure I made the dad feel uncomfortable.  It’s embarrassing because I really had no idea.  But overall I know that I made sure the little guy didn’t get into anything that was trouble.  I may of inadvertently flashed more of myself than intended, however, I can live with that.

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