Cheerios and a chuckle


Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself and today I definitely did. This was one of those embarrassing MOMents, that I can’t even blame on the baby! Let me explain…

Tonight, my husband, Landon, and I went to Apple-bee’s for dinner after a frantic search for a healthy cookbook.  I had packed the “going to a restaurant with baby” essentials.  For me this includes: the peel and stick place mat, a bib, a baby food pouch, a spoon, bowl, wipes, puffs, lil crunchies, wagon wheels, and CHEERIOS.  For the most part it was a normal dinner except for this little bit of convo that happened…

  • ME: Wow, this sauce is really rich and buttery.  I don’t think I can eat any more.  But it is good.
  • HUSBAND: Does that mean I can have your shrimp?
  • LANDON: BA, BA, BA, BA (as he eats his Cheerios)
  • ME: I think I’m going to eat some Cheerios as a buffer for my stomach.  It should work like crackers, right? Since I haven’t ate a lot today….
  • HUSBAND: (gives a nod that says, sure babe-whatever you say)
  • ME: (nom, nom, nom, just eating my cheerios)
  • SERVER: How is everything tonight?
  • ME & HUSBAND: Great!
  • SERVER: Mam, are you sure everything is ok?
  • ME: Oh yes, it’s just fine.
  • SERVER: (in a gentle and concerned voice) I’m sorry, Mam.  I don’t believe you.  You are eating Cheerios.
  • ME: (thinking…crap…he has a point…I haven’t finished my dinner, and I stole my son’s cheerios…) Oh, my dinner is fine.  I promise.
  • LANDON: Ooooh (and smiles sweetly, he likes having the last word already)

A few minutes later, the manager came to our table and asked how everything was going.

What a night!

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