DIY: Balloon Clouds


Balloon clouds are another really EASY way to add COLOR to your party decorations.  When you add some streamers to them, you have a party-perfect backdrop!  So easy and fabulous!

Each balloon cloud contains 9 balloons of approximately the same size.  The trick is making them group together in a “cloud.”  To do this, after the balloons are blown up, take a zip tie (that you may use to close a trash bag) and thread it through the end of the balloons where you tied them off.  Zip-tie the ring of balloons together and voila! You now have a balloon cloud with a ring to help with hanging.  When I hung the balloon clouds I used dental floss because it’s so thin (and you barely can see in when hung).

Another perk to this party decoration is it’s really inexpensive to do.  Who doesn’t LOVE that?

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