Honeypig: A dining experience to remember

Korean grill


I have never had Korean BBQ but thanks to Groupon I decided to try it.
I was not brave enough to go by myself so I had my twin sister go with me.
I had seen pictures on yelp so I knew it was very different then the BBQ I grew up with-those mouth-watering pulled pork sandwiches with homemade coleslaw.  Korean BBQ consists of putting seasoned chicken, beef, pork, octopus, etc. on a heated grill-like thing that is it the middle of your table.  It is served with several different sides.
Rice, salad, fish cakes, and other items that were tasty (but I have no clue what they were).  You also get some sort of egg dish for your table to share.  We decided since we had a groupon that we would get a mix of food and take the leftovers home.  We got dumplings, as an appetizer, which were delicious.  However, with the amount of food you get an appetizer plus your entree equals a food coma.

Asian dumplings

Meats on grill
Our entrees were boneless ribs and spicy chicken.  As your food cooks, people will come by and turn in over and cut it up. This was actually fascinating to me.  For the chicken they used what looked like salad tongs and the sharpest scissors ever made to cut it up.
It was so much different than using a knife and so much more effective.  I think I will be doing this in the future. I also was overwhelmed at how kind the staff was.  It was a great experience and I will be back.  Next time I won’t feel so lost.  I didn’t know how I was supposed to eat anything or what some things were, but I feel like we did an ok job of not seeming completely clueless.  I am a little ashamed that apparently my chopstick skills are so bad they brought me a fork. Honeypig, I will be back.  Another perk, this place is open 24 hours.  My partying days are mostly behind me but this would be a great spot to hit after a long night out.

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